Chill Winston

Before the Jay-Z and Kanye West Watch the Throne concert on Saturday, we decided to eat at Chill Winston first. We’ve been there a couple times but only for drinks. I’ve been wanting to eat there for a long time though. We started off with drinks, and they have some funky names for drinks. One that stood out was Spooning Jesus.

Someone tweeted the Jack Poutine, so we for sure had to get that. For our mains, I decided on the Elk Sirloin ($20) because I’ve never had elk before, while my friends ordered the Duck! Salad ($15), Pork Belly ($17), and Wabbit Confit ($19). The Elk was a bit different. It was a really thick cut of meat, and cooked to medium rare. At first the Elk was really good, nice and meaty, but there was an after taste that I thought was a little bit gamey, but also tasted hints of liver (which I don’t like). I found myself using as much sweet blueberry sauce and potato as I could with each bite to reduce the effects of the after taste. I don’t know if I’d order elk again. The Wabbit Confit! is a rabbit leg, which was bigger than we expected. It was served with carrots, and pearl onions in a brandy sauce along with bread. My friend said it was a bit over cooked.

The other two mains were delicious though. There were 3 large pieces of pork belly served with brown butter, squash, and roasted mushrooms. Wow was this thing tender. I thought being such a thick piece, that it would have some meat to it that you would have to chew, but there was literally none of that. You put it in your mouth and it just melts away. It was so good. The duck salad was probably even better than that. My friend said it was the best salad she’s ever had, and wanted to have more, and even keep going back for that duck salad. It was that good. I agree. I tried a piece of the duck breast and it was like heaven. It didn’t have your typical duck flavour, it was just so tender and moist, and the dressing went so well with it. It was served with some mixed greens, walnuts and crispy shallots. So good and a must have. The Jack Poutine was a poutine served with a Jack Daniels demi glace. The cheese was really stringy, and the gravy didn’t have that strong of a JD flavour to it. I enjoyed it.

For dessert we ordered a Brown Butter Cheesecake ($8), and also the Chocolate Fondant ($5). I wasn’t very fond of either dessert. The brown butter cheese cake came wrapped in a pineapple sea salt….fruit roll up type thing. I enjoyed the cookie/graham cracker chunks and whip cream on the side more than the actual cheese cake. The pineapple flavour and texture threw me off. I also didn’t enjoy the chocolate fondant which came swimming in a london fog foam. Wasn’t my type of chocolate dish.

This is a good place to hang out and have a few drinks. Their cocktail and beer list is really good. The food is pretty good too. Make sure to get the Pork Belly or the Duck! Salad.

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Chill Winston
3 Alexander St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 288-9575

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