I needed to head up to Northern Las Vegas, way off the street to get some testing done at my aunt’s clinic. We came a bit early, so we decided to stop at a Chili’s near by to grab some lunch.

Honestly, I wasn’t feeling that hungry, but we started off with the standard chips and salsa. I actually really like these chips and salsa because the tortillas are thin, light and very crisp and salted. They are served with mildly spicy salsa. The salsa is quite liquidy though, yet I do like the flavour.

For my meal, I couldn’t decide, so I just ordered their Triple Dipper tasting platter exactly like their picture – Boneless Buffalo Wings, Cheesesteak Sliders, and Southwestern Egg Rolls. When our food came out though, I was given Loaded Potato Skins instead of Cheesesteak Sliders and I didn’t even notice. I knew something was odd, but wasn’t sure what. She came by and told me I got the wrong order, but I said it was OK. She gave me the Cheesesteak Sliders anyway though. Everything was pretty decent. The Boneless Wings I thought didn’t have enough of the spicy sauce, but luckily it wasn’t too dry. The Potato Skins unfortunately not very crisp, but it was loaded with bacon, green onions, and sour cream, so that made up for it strong flavours. My favourite was probably the Tex Mex Eggrolls, as it was nice and crisp, and went really well with their creamy avocado-ranch sauce. Finally, the Cheesesteak sliders were quite good, with nice gooey melted cheese, peppers, and lots of beef, but it was pretty oily and greasy.

My parents ordered the Fajita Trio, but some of the meat was a bit chewy and tough. The tortilla soup was really good though and both of them enjoyed it.

Overall the service was friendly, and although my order was screwed up, they fixed the problem nicely by giving me the appetizer. I was really full from the appetizers, but overall I think I’ve had better at other Chili’s locations

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2011 N Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

(702) 638-1482

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