CHAU VeggiExpress, Vancouver

CHAU VeggiExpress is a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant in East Vancouver. There are lots of appetizing items on their menu with fresh ingredients. This is the type of vegetarian food that I like. No processed fake meats, just fresh vegetables still in their original form.

First I got an order of taro chips to share. These were perfectly deep fried and crispy. The tofu dip was lightly spiced and delicious. Great appetizer to share with friends.

taro chips

I loved the coconut drink here. Not too sweet, not to thin, just creamy and tasty. It was topped with 2 slices of coconut meat. Not sure what it is called because it is not on the food menu. Just say you want the coconut drink.

coconut drink

As for my dinner, again drawn by coconuts (I LOVE coconuts), I ordered the Soft tropical rain storm bowl. It was noodle bowl with shredded bean curd, herbs, peanuts, cucumbers, bean sprouts, toasted coconut cream, and lemon sauce. How you eat this is to pour the lemon sauce all over, and then mixed everything together including the coconut cream. This dish was so yummy. It was fresh, light, and a little bit creamy because of the coconut cream. It has really nice crunchy texture from the bean sprouts and peanuts, and also the chewiness from the bean curd.

soft tropical rain storm

Now the true test is how my vegetarian friends think of their food. I was happy that they loved it. The Namahata is the vegetarian salad roll with quinoa, bean curd and mung beans and herbs.


Sliding down the sand dunes was a lemongrass based noodle soup. My friend loved it so much that she licked the whole bowl.

sliding down the sand dunes

The Candlelit lantern’s soup base tasted more like a real pho.

candlelit lantern

We had a good time here, the food was really well done. My vegetarian friends were fully satisfied, and I didn’t miss the meat at all. We left here stuffed without feeling gross.

CHAU VeggiExpress
5052 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC

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  • dee

    lol cathy must have loved your dish..

  • Heather

    “My friend loved it so much that she licked the whole bowl.”

    Yes, ma’am!!! Missin’ it already here in NYC!!!


  • Heather


    I’m not cathy!! LOL!

  • dee

    oh.. so you went with her! cathy hates all of the stuff in ann’s dish lol