Catch 122 Dine Out 2013

My one and only Dine Out Vancouver for 2013 was at Catch 122. Like FollowMeFoodie, we aren’t very big fans of Dine Out, but I decided to go anyway with some friends. I’ll have to make another visit, as their regular menu appeals to me a lot more than these set menus. I also learned that Wildebeest is right beside it! A place that I’ve wanted to try for quite  a while.

Since there were three of us, we decided to get one of each of the dishes. For the starter, I chose the Duck Confit Ravioli. The pasta was cooked perfectly, with a very good bite to it. It was stuffed with shredded duck, and ricotta. The differing textures and flavours went very well together, and the sage butter was delicious. The other two starters were a prawn bisque with seared scallop, and avocado tequila sorbet with salmon tartare. The soup was the better of the other two starters. The avocado sorbet didn’t go well with the salmon tartare which lacked flavour. They seemed like they should be two separate dishes. It’s unique and creative, but my friends didn’t like it.

For the main, I chose the Rabbit three ways – braised leg, pan seared rack, and prosciutto wrapped tenderloin. My favourite by far was the prosciutto wrapped tenderloin. The prosciutto was crisp and salty, and the tenderloin was very tender. The other two pieces were quite small, and didn’t have much meat at all. The smoked and braised side ribs would probably be my first choice. The meat fell of the bone, but the sauce tasted too much like store bought BBQ sauce. It was very overpowering. It came with bone marrow mashed potatoes. The trout was cooked well too, but for some reason my friends didn’t really enjoy it too much.

For dessert, the Belgian triple chocolate terrine was delicious, and what I think was by far the best (I’m allergic to the PB&J ice-cream sandwich). The terrine had different textures for each layer, and they were all delicious and rich. The sticky toffee pudding was a disappointment though because it came quite cool, and didn’t taste all that fresh.

Overall, it was a decent Dine Out. I enjoyed most of my picks, but my friends were less than impressed with theirs. Their regular dinner menu still has items that I would like to try.

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Catch 122 Cafe Bistro
122 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC

(604) 731-3474

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