Cartems Donuterie

Thanks to my friend’s kind delivery, I FINALLY got to try the fancy donuts from Cartems Donuterie. In the half dozen box were the infamous Earl Grey donuts, along with Mexican mole, Triple choclate threat, and the daily special: coconut cream

These donuts were really tasty. The earl grey in the earl grey donut was subtle, but with just the right amount of sugar, it absolutely unique and delicious.

My next favorite was no doubt the coconut cream. I’m a huge coconut fan, and was super glad they didn’t just cover a donut with sugar and coconut flakes and called it their ‘coconut’ donut. The dough of the donut had good texture, the cream was delicious; and again, with subtle coconut flavor and the right amount of sugar, it was a great donut.

There’s been a lot of fancy donut shops popping up in Vancouver lately, I think this place would have to be my favorite.

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Cartems Donuterie
408 Carrall St
Vancouver, BC V6A1S9

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