Cafe Nuba, Yaletown

Cafe Nuba is a small little restaurant on Seymour. At this Nuba, you place your order at the cashier and then go find a seat. There isn’t ver much seating at all, and I think they do a lot more take out than eating in. Honestly, I prefer the cooler Nuba restaurant on W Hastings. Seems like this is more fast food.

I remembered a few dishes that I had last time that I really wanted again, and since it was my friends first time there, I figured I’d order stuff I knew was good. We ordered the Najib’s Special, Chicken Tawook, and the Lamb Kibbeh plate. I’ve been eating a lot of falafel’s recently, so I also ordered the Garden Falafel.

The Najib’s Special was just as good. Highly spiced cauliflower packed with flavour and a bit crisp, and quite tender. This is really good, and my friend’s favourite dish of the bunch. It’s a nice appetizer to start with. The Falafel was really crisp, almost close to be burned. However, once you get past the really crisp breading, the chick pea and fava bean filling was nice and light. The spices used tasted awesome.

The Chicken Tawook was a disappointment though. From what I remember, it was a nice chicken leg with crisp skin, and the moistest chicken meat ever. Now, it seems like they are all served as kebabs with chicken breast meat. I checked each of the menus it does say they used breast meat now. These skewers were OK, but the meat was kind of dry. We found the Lamb Kibbeh’s better, definitely more tender as they are lamb patties, and served with a nice sauce and hummous.

Overall, it is quite expensive, especially for a cafe. The prices seem the same as the restaurants, but I think the quality overall at the other restaurant was better, at least from my experiences there. The good thing about this place is they do have take out though, and it’s a lot more laid back and relaxed.

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Cafe Nuba
1206 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC

(778) 371-3266

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