Busick Court

This restaurant is a charming breakfast place located in the downtown area in Salem, Oregon USA. Our group arrived late afternoon hoping to grab a hearty breakfast before we hit up another leg of our road trip to Portland. I was told that this place was a popular place in general but I’d been hoping that since we arrived late (around 1pm), we would have missed the early breakfast/brunch crowd. There was no indoor waiting space so we had to wait outside on the cold New Year’s Eve day. There were a few groups ahead of us and the only place to wait was on some cold benches outside, some of the other diners waiting to be called resorted to waiting inside their car. I think one party actually may have missed their name because our table for 3 was originally for the larger group before us that didn’t answer the host’s call. On a mild to warm day, I would say this is not a problem but clearly the cold was too much for some and was cause for some stress as a group waiting in their car separate from the table that we took had missed their names being called or they were forgotten altogether.

Chilling wait aside, upon walking inside, the staff was friendly and the overall vibe of the restaurant I found was laid back and comfortable. The brightly decorated space was inviting and we were seated in a corner table that had ample space for us so we were able to chat without having anyone within earshot of our conversation. The menu is rather large, but I was able to choose my dish rather quickly. I’d picked the Prime Rib Omelette with a side of biscuits and gravy to go along with the Mimosa we had ordered in celebration of our friend Amanda’s birthday. The prime rib in my tasted really good and went well with the onions, mushrooms jack cheese and spinach in the dish. I was surprised by the fact that the eggs were not overwhelmed by the large meat chunks which put my fear of crazy meat laden omelettes to rest because I tend to feel terrible after eating one of those. Thankfully this wasn’t the case and I especially liked the gravy on my biscuits.

Mikeypage10 ordered The Busick omelette which was your choice of bacon, sausage or chicken served with sauteed onion, mushrooms, spinach and cheddar cheese. I tried it as well and while he and I both thought it was good, we both it felt that there was too much bacon in the dish which ended up overshadowing the rest of the ingredients in the dish. Amanda ordered the Garden Baked Eggs which is listed in the menu under the Unique Breakfast section. This was originally recommended to me but I’d decided against it because I wanted something with some meat in it this morning. I didn’t hear any complaints from her end of the table, so I will only assume it was delicious as always.

One thing to note, is that Mikeypage10’s order was actually brought to us late due to our waitress who brought us the wrong dish but the correction was made after we flagged her down and told her the problem. She was apologetic which was appreciated and promptly corrected the issue and got the right dish to us quickly. Maybe I’ve been eating at “no frills” Chinese diner type restaurants too often but it was incredibly nice to not be blamed or charged extra for a mistake that wasn’t our fault.

Overall I’d give this place a 4/5 stars for the type of place that it is. Fast, friendly service with a bright, comfortable feel is always a plus in my books. Portion sizes are large so come hungry but be prepared to wait. I’d have given this place a 5 but there was no indoor waiting area on the cold winter day. The fact that those of us banished to wait outside before our name was called (if ever) ran the risk of missing our name if we had decided to wait in the warmth of our car and there was not much effort to find the table being called. I’d have liked to see the host taking down a cell phone number to call considering the conditions outside. Personally, I’d be pretty peeved to wait 20-30 mins in the cold only to have our table be given up as easily as it was to us.. not that I would have brought up that complaint that day because… well.. it was freakin’ cold outside and we wanted to get inside where our blood could thaw.

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Busick Court
250 Court St
Salem, OR USA


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