Burgundian Tavern

On my last trip to Seattle, my friends brought me to Burgundian Tavern, a Canadian bar that they recently discovered.

On a Friday night this place wasn’t nearly as busy as other restaurants in downtown Seattle, which was great, because no one likes to wait 40 mins for a table.

We shared an order of Deep fried cheese curds appetizer because it was on special. We couldn’t really complain about gooey melty deep fried cheese, it was an awesome bar food.

2 of us at the table decided to get the Chicken and Waffles that my friends raved about. This one single order could probably feed 3 people. It came with 3 pieces boneless deep fried chicken sitting on top of 4 waffles. It was smothered in a creamy meat gravy, and on the side there were apple butter and bourbon maple syrup.

To me the gravy, apple butter, and bourbon syrup made the dish. There was a fantastic mix of creamy, and sweet flavours. The chicken breasts were in quite big pieces, but they were fried all the way through and were still moist in the center. My only disappointment would be the waffles because they came out rather cold and soft.

This bar has all day breakfast, and one of us got the Corned Beef Hash. The hash was really tasty corned beef, potatoes and brussel sprouts.

There was a very large selection of beer at a reasonable price, included a few Canadian ones, included a couple from Surrey, BC. There were also other Canadian items on the menu such as poutine. This was a great place to come chill, get a drink and get some food, but the it could get a bit pricy as most dishes range from $15 – $20.

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Burgundian Tavern
2253 N 56th St
Seattle, WA 98103

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