Buckeye Roadhouse

I got a bunch of flak from my friends for this restaurant. With a name like Buckeye Roadhouse you’d expect a diner just off the highway that you’d see on Diners Drive-ins and Dives right? Wrong. What you have is almost a complete opposite. Sure it’s right off the highway about 5 minutes from Golden Gate Bridge. But what you also get is Valet Parking, more eldery people there who were pretty dressed up in sun dressses, and collared shirts. Kind of seemed like a place to go after church.

I rolled in in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops…my friends weren’t much better. Oh well, with us feeling awkward, they still quickly brought us to our table. Knowing that another restaurant was between us and Napa, we didn’t want a really heavy lunch, so our table split a couple of sandwiches. I ordered one of the specials of the day, a beet salad because the way our server described made it sound delicious. I also ordered the Sante Fe Chicken sandwich to split with Beipas. Our other friends split an Seared Ahi Tuna sandwich, and a Slow-Smoked Spicy Pork sandwich.

I found the salad delicious. It had red beets, goat cheese (which gets me everytime), and macadamia nuts on a bed of greens. Very good balance of flavours with the sweet and tart beet, bit of creamy and sourness from the goat cheese, and buttery-salty crunch of a macademia nut. I really enjoyed the salad. Our sandwich was pretty good too. It was a moist juicy chicken breast with avocado, jack cheese, and a chipotle mayo, and served with fries seasoned with fried garlic and herbs, a nice touch. What’s not to like about this sandwich?

The Ahi Tuna sandwich came with a wasabi cream, and some pickled ginger. Kind of like sushi on a bun with a fresh coleslaw. The other sandwich was just the slow roasted pork on a bun and served with coleslaw on the side. My friends enjoyed the tuna sandwich more as they found the pork was salty. I found the pork to have a bit too much BBQ sauce. It wasn’t that spicy, but had a lot of a smokiness. Both sandwiches were served with chipotle seasoned chips, which I thought could’ve been a little bit crisper.

I’m pretty sure I’d stop by the restaurant (dressed more appropriately), the next time I’m in that area. The menu has lots of items I’d want to try. The restaurants has lots of signs near the front that mock all the funny rules and regulations in California. They also had a film crew there, but not sure what was being taped. It seemed like they put the video camera down in the main dining area where we were sitting, saw us in our scrubby clothes, and decided to shoot later lol. Anyways, don’t expect a diner because it has the name “roadhouse” in it. So, this place will always be known as my kind of diner. I’m just that fancy.

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Buckeye Roadhouse
15 Shoreline Hwy
Mill Valley, CA

(415) 331-2600

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  • http://www.meplusfood.com/author/beipas beipas

    The chicken sandwich was indeed delicious. Chicken was cooked perfect, and I loved the creaminess of avocado. It was better than the Ahi tuna in my opinion.

    There was a snobby vibe given by the waitress in the beginning of our meal which I really didn’t like. We were dressed inappropriately and the snobby attitude didn’t make me feel more comfortable being there.

    Not sure if I will return in the near future, but maybe in another 30 years when I am age appropriate. I’ll stroll in with my yacht club clothing.