Brunetti, Melbourne, Australia

Shortly after settling in our hotel, our friend brought us to a dessert lovers dream – Brunetti on Lygon Street. It’s open fairly late, and was very busy. You can tell it’s very popular and there’s good reason.

At first it looked as if this was part of a grocery store. It actually isn’t. There’s seating outside, and a lot more inside. As you walk in you can see the vast assortment of desserts and cakes. Definitely mouthwatering.

Since you seat yourself here, we quickly went to look for a seat before looking at all of the desserts and pastries on display.We each ordered some of their prepared desserts on display – Pear Cheese Crumble, White Chocolate Raspberry Cake, and Pistachio Torte. 

I loved my cheesecake. It had some berries, and pear cooked right in, and a delicious crust. It was quite sweet, but I like it like that. The White Chocolate Raspberry Cake wasn’t as sweet as mine, but was nice and light.

They don’t just sell pastries here though. The further into the restaurant you go, you will see prepared Italian food like calzones, risotto balls (seem to be very popular here), sandwiches, and also wood oven pizzas. They also have gelato at the very back.

Now that I think about it, I’m kind of sad that I didn’t make it back. We only tried a few desserts because it was close to closing when we got there. They have other locations around the Melbourne.

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380 Lygon St
Melbourne, VIC

03 9347 2801

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  • Fil

    Hey there and welcome to Melbourne :-)

    I have to admit, Brunetti isn’t my favourite place for cakes – they always seem to look better than they taste.

  • dee

    Compared to what we have for the most part in Vancouver, and what I had in Sydney, it’s pretty good. It was my first place in Melbourne. I think the atmosphere at that Brunetti’s and the vast selection made me like the place even more.

    I’ll admit though that the desserts and cakes at Le Petit Gateau are so much better. That post is coming soon :)

    Melbourne is amazing for desserts, coffee, and just the food scene in general. I’m totally jealous even though Vancouver isn’t bad itself. We’re more known for Japanese food here.

  • fil

    I have been following your posts closely, because I am curious as to what an ‘out of towner’ saw as the must visit places in Melbourne.

    In terms of the Melbourne food scene, where I think it shines is the coffee, the casual breakfast and lunch cafes and the mid-priced restaurants. Its not really known for Japanese or fine tining (with a couple of exceptions), but the huge number of great cafes just makes it impossible to try them all, even for a local.

    And I agree about Le Petit Gateau – I have three or four favourite places for cakes and sweets and it is certainly one of them.

  • dee

    Le Petit Gateau is by far my favourite. And I agree about the coffee. I typically don’t drink it very often here in Vancouver, but I often had 2-3 cups of lattes capuccinos, and mochas a day while in Melbourne.

    I would maybe do it here too, but we are very lacking in cafes, especially where I live (about 30 minutes away from Vancouver). We mostly have Starbucks, and other chains like Waves, and Blenz to name a few.

    And I whole-heartedly agree you guys do breakfast and brunches really well.

  • Katherine

    what else do you have in vancouver?