Browns Social House

This past weekend we decided to watch the hockey game at Brown’s Social House in Surrey.  I’ve been to the Browns that used to be in Yaletown and enjoyed the food. This place was pretty busy this Saturday night because of the hockey game which was Cody Hodgson’s return as a Buffalo Sabre.

We mostly ordered a bunch of appetizers to go along with our beers. I ordered the General Tao’s Chicken, and Dry Ribs, while my friends got two orders of wings and nachos. Beipas ordered the Royale with Cheese Pizza, and our other friend got the Fish and Chips.

For this trip, the food was pretty bad. The dry ribs, yah were dry, but didn’t have a nice crisp salty layer. It was actually quite bland, and the meat was very dry. I didn’t finish. The General Tao’s chicken was a bit better, but still not very good. It had a sweet sauce, but next to no spice. It was served with fried wonton skins, but it was already soggy from being covered in the sauce. The chicken itself, I think wasn’t seasoned well before cooking.

The wings were quite small, and between the BBQ and the Teriyaki it was actually a bit hard to tell the difference at first. The two eating split the two, and kept forgetting which flavour they were having. I tried it, and did notice a slight difference. They were both kind of sweet and salty, but the teriyaki definitely had a Kikoman like flavour to it. We’d definitely prefer to have wings else where.

The Royale with Cheese pizza was topped with spicy beef, tomatoes, and bocconcini cheese. The crust wasn’t very crisp, but the main thing that stood out was that the beef was very runny and ground very fine, and it was similar to taco bell beef. I wasn’t a fan.

The plan was to order more as the game went on, but after the first order of food came, we weren’t too hungry anymore. Reluctantly, we did order some dessert. From what I heard the key lime pie wasn’t very good. I’m not a big fan of it anyway.

The service was pretty good, but the food was just really bad. I would probably attempt to come again, to try out an entree, but it probably won’t be for a while. They have some pretty stiff competition in Big Ridge Brewing Pub just steps away. We actually went there right after the game for more beer, and some snacks. Definitely prefer that place over Browns.

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Browns Social House
15260 56 Ave
Surrey, BC
(604) 579-0299

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