Pho Vy in Victoria

Sunday was a pretty cold rainy day, so we decided to go for some pho to warm us up before we headed back to Vancouver. Again, we relied on Urban Spoon to check which place to go to, and Pho Vy was top on the list. This place was really busy at lunch time, so that was a good sign. It’s popular.

A quick look at the price, and they are more expensive than in Vancouver. We looked at a couple Vietnamese restaurants and $8+ for a bowl of pho was the norm in Victoria. We wanted to share, so we ordered the spring rolls ($5.95), a Spicy Pho ($8.75), and the grilled porkchop with egg and rice ($9.25), and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee ($2.25).

We got 3 spring rolls (cut in half), but they weren’t very fat. They were crispy, but there wasn’t much flavour in the pork filling. My friend, who has eaten a lot of Vietnamese spring rolls commented that it didn’t seem very fresh. Something worries me a bit though, we asked if the spring rolls had shrimp, and our waiter said no. I double checked the menu right now and it said it has prawns in it. Oh well I guess, there was no reaction. The fish sauce was very mild.

Our mains came shortly after, and the problems began. I guess it was kind of our fault. We forgot to ask for no peanuts with our pork dish, so the peanuts came piled on! So there goes the sharing idea. This was by far the smallest piece of pork I’ve seen for an entree. It was really tiny, like 1.5-inch by 4-inches with bones. It seemed like half the size of a pork chop that we would normally get. It was even smaller than the piece of fried egg. My friend said the pork was flavoured well, but laughed at the size of the thing. It also came with some veggies on the side, and the strips of julienned pork skin, which I don’t like.

The spicy pho was decent. It came with a lot of different kinds of meat, and thankfully no pig foot. It had thin steak, beef balls, and pork. The sauce was really red. It definitely had some spice, but it wasn’t too overpowering. This spicy soup has spaghetti like noodles which still had a bite to it. I didn’t have any complaints about this soup.

Now another problem. We were half way done our meal, and the iced coffee didn’t even come yet. Another table who came after us even got their ice coffee first. Obviously they forgot about it. By the time we finished our food, the coffee just finished dripping, and we added some ice. We then asked for a cup so that we can take it to go. My friend insisted that she’d put the coffee in the cup, but they took the cup away and poured it for us. We paid then left, and guess what, no ice was in the styrofoam cup! The coffee just finished dripping, and didn’t get chilled long enough. So now we’re walking around with room temperature ice coffee. Disgusting.

Later on, another friend who lived in Victoria, told me Pho Vy was the worst pho in Victoria, and sub par. I wish I asked her before I went. I was seriously disappointed, mostly in the service. Definitely overrated.

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Pho Vy
772 Fort St.
Victoria, BC

(250) 385-5516

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