Brenda’s French Soul Food

Our last breakfast stop in San Francisco was at Brenda’s French Soul Food.  We’ve been wanting to go to this place for breakfast the whole time we were there, but every time we called around 10am there’d be at least an hour wait. On our last day there, we decided to just go at 8am, and we got our seats right away.

For starters we ordered 2 flights of their infamous beignets.  A flight of beignet comes with original, dark chocolate, apple cinnamon and crawfish beignets. I was most excited about their crawfish beignet.

The crawfish beignet totally lived up to its hype. The beignet was soft and airy, it was dusted with cayenne pepper powder. The filling was cheesy and gooey. The seasoning was just really tasty. I did wished there was bit more crawl fish in it though.

Besides the crawfish beignet, I also really enjoyed the original and the dark chocolate ones. The original is not filled with anything except for icing sugar on top, it was good enough on its own. They used Ghirardelli dark chocolate square as their filling for chocolate beignet, the chocolate was nice and gooey.

For my ‘real’ breakfast, I ordered the Granola and Fresh Fruits pancakes. To be honest, at this point, I was kind of full, and all I wanted was 1 more crawfish beignet.

My granola and fresh fruits pancakes were huge, perhaps too huge. There were only 2 pancakes but looking at the size of it, I was already full. The pancakes were all right. They were very thick, and moist, they were more like cakes. This was a very filling breakfast with all the cake and granola. I really wondered if anyone could really finish this in one sitting. After 4 doughnuts. I barely made a dent on these pancakes, and I felt kind of bad for it.

The others ordered egg based breakfast items. One of them was Hangtown Fry, which was oysters omelete.  It was really good, the oysters were really fresh, and plump, it was my favorite of all our breakfasts. It also had bacon in it too! Janet loved it.

Another house favorite we ordered was Grillades & Grits. It was beef cutlets braised in spicy creole gravy and it was served with grits and eggs. Usually we’re not fans of grits, but the grits here were good when mixed with the tomato sauce. The beef itself was not very tender, it was actually cooked pretty well done and quite hard that it would break off in stiff chunks. The sauce reminded Dee of a Filipino dish called Calderetta (one of his favourite dishes by the way), but he prefers the Calderetta better.

I left here totally stuffed. Everything was very ‘American sized’. It’s really too bad I got so full because I wanted to get another crawfish beignet.

This was a popular place, 8am on a Thursday was a good time to visit for us. It didn’t take long for the restaurant to form a line at all. Come early, get the crawfish beignet, totally worth it.

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Brenda’s French Soul Food
652 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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