Breizoz Creperie, Melbourne, Australia

Our friends knew that we need to make the most out of our trip to Melbourne, so even though we were stuffed from our pasta dinner, we stopped by another one of their favourites – Breizoz Creperie.

Since we were quite stuffed, we just ordered two sweet crepes to share. Luckily these things are pretty light. We ordered the Butter Sugar and the Banana Rhum Flambe Crepes. These crepes are very good, they are crisp, but still soft under the crispiness. The butter and sugar was our favourite though. So simple and plain with just a bit of butter and sugar. It really shows off how good the crepe is. It can pretty much stand on its own.

We ordered the banana rhum, because we wanted to see the flambée. It looks cool, but not enough of the alcohol burned off. Some pieces were quite strong with the taste of rum. Very over powering. The bananas weren’t evenly spread around inside the crepe. The spots with the slices of banana were good, and helped sweeten out the flavour of the rum.

The original crepe with butter and sugar is the one to get for sure. Their savoury crepes I’ve heard are quite good too.

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Breizoz Creperie
49 Brunswick St
Melbourne, VIC

03 9415  7588

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