Bouchon Bakery, Napa

We visited Bouchon Bakery on our last day in Napa Valley. We were there to grab a quick breakfast before leaving for the airport.

There were tons of pastries, and baked goods available for breakfast. I decided to go for the original Chocolate Croissant, and an americano. I didn’t expect to be so impressed with a chocolate croissant, but this was probably the best I’ve ever had. It was buttery, it was soft, it was flaky, and it was not overly greasy. It had two sticks of dark chocolate in it which was just the right amount.

The rest of us ordered a variety of things including scones, macarons, and almond covered chocolate croissant. Some of us ordered extra to bring some home, and they still taste great even the day after. I wish I had brought extra chocolate croissants home.

There’s a big patio section outside of the bakery, the atmosphere was just very chill in general. This is a good bakery to check out in Napa.

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Bouchon Bakery
6528 Washington St
Yountville, CA 94599
(707) 944-2253

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  • vivian

    yum! All the pastries look delicious. Have you been to the Bouchon in Vegas? I wonder if the quality is the same.

  • beipas

    Hi Vivian,

    No i haven’t been to the Bouchon in Vegas, but i will the next time i visit, and get those awesome chocolate croissants!