I’ll just tell you up front. Bouchon was probably one of my favourite dinners ever. After a long 54km (and 6 hour bike ride) around some wineries in Napa Valley, we drove back to Yountville to go to Bouchon. Luckily at about 8PM we were able to get a table for 9 outside without any reservation. It took a while for them to set up the table. Though outside, we weren’t bitten by mosquitoes, and we were surrounded by heaters. This was one of the dinners I was looking forward to on this trip.

To start I ordered the Salad de Cresson et d’Endives which is watercress and endive salad with Roquefort cheeese, and walnuts with a walnut vinaigrette. I didn’t enjoy this salad that much. I much preferred the salads at Incanto and Buckeye Roadhouse. For me I think the Roquefort was a bit too pungent for my liking, and I’m still not used to blue cheese, though I try to order it and get a taste for it when I see it around. I did enjoy the light dressing and the walnuts.

For my main I ordered the Contre-filet a la Duchesse et Moelle which is a prime sirloin steak, served with crispy bone marrow, duchesse potatoes, glazed carrots, pearl onions and celery with a Lyonnaise sauce. Every part of this dish was delicious. The steak was so tender and perfectly cooked and the sauce was dark and rich from the demi glace and onions. The thing that got me was the crispy bone marrow, and that didn’t disappoint. It was just a little breaded and fried piece of bone marrow that just melted and exploded with fatty goodness in your mouth when you bit into it.

I also got to try a friend’s Steak Frites which was also very tasty, and the best Steak Frites I’ve had. The steak was almost as tender and juicy as mine. The nice slab of butter melting on top of the steak probably helped too. Beipas ordered the Moules a la Basquaise which is kind of like a Moules Frites, but I think she said it was better at Chambar. Another friend ordered the Bouillabaisse┬ábecause that gets her every time. Although it was a special for the day, she wasn’t too impressed with it though. The dish came with the seafood lined up on the plate, and the stock was poured on top afterwards. The stock looked pretty rich and thick, but wasn’t up to par.

The desserts were really good as well. I think I liked my Creme Caramel the best. We also ordered the Profiteroles and Pot de Creme. Each were delicious as well from what I remember.

I had a really good birthday dinner at Bouchon. The price of this dinner was really up there, but we did eat and drink quite a bit, or at least I did. Most of the food and drinks were really good. I really loved the Cobain Syrah that we had, as well as the Sazerac. The Port we ordered wasn’t that good. I think we are now spoiled by the Carmenos that we had at Incanto.

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6534 Washington St
Yountville, CA

(707) 944-8037

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