Boston Pizza, Kingsway Metrotown

I haven’t been to a Boston Pizza in years. I used to go to this place quite a bit with friends while I was still in university. I didn’t have a job or much money, and also didn’t know any better. At that time, I hardly ventured out of the ordinary. I decided to go back with my brother for lunch one day since it’s been a while, and it was Pasta Tuesday.

Me and my brother split some Honey Garlic Wings, and they were surprisingly really good. The wings were quite plump, and had a pretty crisp skin. The honey garlic was also really nice, sweet, and gooey. They did promote their wings really hard recently and had tons of commercials. Turns out they live up to it. They only problem is that they are $10.99 per order, and our order only had 7 wings. Quite expensive! If it was cheaper, I’d order wings from them more often.

For my main I ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccini, the dish I always used to get. I used to be a sucker for chicken, mushrooms, and cream sauces. I would typically ordered it baked too, but for some reason I didn’t. And this reminded me why I haven’t been back for a while. The pasta was cooked more than I like. Not overly soggy, but not much texture or bite. The sauce was also a bit bland, and along with the fettuccini, it just felt weird in my mouth. Not sure how to explain it. The chicken seemed to be from frozen cubes of chicken breast. I’m glad it came with some garlic bread, as it actually had flavour!

My brother ordered the Boston’s Smoky Mountain Spaghetti and Meatballs. My brother always gets spaghetti and meatballs (just like Beipas!). I only tried a bit of the meatball and it wasn’t bad. It was pretty light and airy, and had lots of flavour from spices.

I think I’ll be staying away from that dish from now on. The portions are big, and for $10 on Tuesdays the Gourmet pastas will fill you up. If you make your own pasta, it’s only $6.95. The weird thing is that even though their name is Boston Pizza, I think I’ve only had their pizza twice in my life. I think it’s because back then I thought it was way too expensive. I always forget that they take Air Miles!

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Boston Pizza
4680 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

(604) 431-6565

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