Boomer’s Drive In

I went to see Robyn’s concert in Seattle last month. I left home without having lunch and thought it would be a good idea for me to snack on something before the long drive. A quick search on Urbanspoon, my friend and I stopped by Boomer’s Drive In.

Even though it was a drive in, I didn’t really consider doing the whole eating in your car thing. There was also a dining area here, but after we parked, we decided that we got to try this at lease once, so we pulled up to one of the drive in spots.

There’s a menu beside each drive in spot. To order food, turn your car lights on.

Food was here was cheap! You can get a burger for just $3.99. My friends and I both went for the Burger Combo. For $6.99 we got a burger, waffle fries and a milk shake, it seemed like a deal.

The burger was quite big. It had the usual fixings, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, and American cheese. It was quite good, I didn’t expect to finish the whole burger, but next thing I knew, it was gone.¬†Waffle fries are always fun to eat, these were salty waffle fries but like the burger, I just couldn’t stop eating them. They were really nicely fried, crispy outside and soft insides.

There were a billion milkshake flavors here, but I went for the classic strawberry milkshake. It was very thick, very sweet, very yummy.

Clearly we were newbies at this, the waitress had to give us instructions to roll down the window so she can hang the food tray there. The scene was quite funny.¬†It’s probably the waffle fries and the milkshake, it make me feel like a kid again, the days I’d get excited about visiting a fast food restaurant.

There were a lot of concerns about if we were doing the whole drive in thing ‘right’, there was a lot of giggling, and it felt kind of bizarre. Why would you want to eat in your car? Overall a fun experience, and So American. I’m glad we tried it.

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Boomer’s Drive In
310 N Samish Way
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 647-2666

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  • nammerik

    Those fries were tricky! They made us thirsty all weekend long! Tasty, but what a trick!