Boiling Point, Hacienda Heights, CA

Boiling point is a  individual hotpot restaurant.  Its a little bit different from other shabu shabu places where you are given raw ingredients and you have to cook your meal.  Boiling point cooks your food for you, then they put all the ingredients into a little wok with a small burner on the bottom for you to eat from. This way your hotpot will stay warm until the end of your meal.

Boiling point have about 6, 7 kinds of hotpot for you to choose from, including beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetarian.  Each of their hotpot comes with with their unique own soup base and ingredients.  You can also order extra ingredients to add into your hotpot.

Their hotpot is very basic, and standard. You can probably make it at home if you have the ingredients, but going to boiling point will save you the trouble if you just want to grab a quick steaming hotpot for lunch or for dinner.

One of their house specialty is Taiwanese stinky tofu. It can be added into your hotpot or you can eat it separately. It’s not really stinky, but its a different style of tofu if you’ve never had it.  Another thing that sets them apart from the regular shabu shabu joint is that they have a sauce bar with a variety of sauces and condiments, so you can make your hotpot sauce just the way you like it.

I’ve been to the boiling point in Monterey Park and Hacienda Heights. I ordered the House Special pot at both locations, which came with some meat, fish balls, vegetables, and stinky tofu.  They tasted about the same at both locations. My friends thought the one in Monterey park have better service  and it seemed to have more food than the one in Hacienda heights.

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Boiling Point
2020 S Hacienda Blvd Ste E
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
(626) 369-0928

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  • dee

    omg.. i’ve been wanting to go to a shabu shabu restaurant for so long so I can have my own pot. Then other ppl don’t have to worry about killing me.