Bistro Sakana

Bistro Sakana has been in Yaletown since before we started MePlusFood. It’s a Japanese restaurant which I thought focused soley on good sushi, but it turns out they have lots of cooked options too.We had a bit over an hour to eat before the hockey game. I ordered the Mini Beef Sukiyaki, Chicken Karaage, Chicken Teri Roll, and Tamago Nigiri.


The chicken karaage was probably the best dish of the meal but still flawed. Fairly crisp skin, but very juicy and tender. I wish it was served with a sauce. Mayo preferably.


The Beef Sukiyaki looked really cool, and came nice a hot. There was plenty of thinly sliced beef, some tofu, carrot, cabbage, and glass noodles in a sweet and salty broth. I liked everything in it, but I found the soup to be a bit too salty.


The Chicken Teri Roll was not very good though. There wasn’t a teriyaki sauce, and the chicken was kind of dry. The Tamago was made with some bonito stock which you can definitely taste. It was OK. I like my tamago a bit on the sweeter side.


My friends ordered a bunch of rolls – Papaya Roll, Crispy Atlantic Lobster Roll, Spider Roll, and Caterpillar Roll, and also Beef Tataki. The favorites were the papaya roll.


The Papaya Roll was fresh and sweet with crab, papaya, lettuce and mayo. The Caterpillar Roll has dungeness crab, smoked salmon, cucumber and mayo topped with fresh avocado. The Spider Roll has a crisp soft shell crab tempura, tobiko, avocado, radish sprouts, and cucumber. The Crispy Atlantic Lobster Roll, has fresh Atlantic lobster meat, asparagus, enoki mushrooms, rolled in crispy tempura crumbs with a ponzu sauce.


Beef Tataki was quite different, served on top of apple slices, serviced with ponzu sauce. The apple was fresh and crisp, but I could have done with out it. I did like the fried crisp garlic though.

Although rated fairly high on Urban Spoon, there are some recent kind of bad reviews, and it turns out lots of them are pretty consistent with my experience. It took a while for us to get our order’s taken, and to receive the order (though the dishes were pretty). They also forgot about our Sashimi order. The rolls were also a bit bland, though they were pretty.

Bistro Sakana
1123 Mainland St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 633-1280

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  • Meg

    The chicken in the Chicken Teri Roll looks semi-raw!? Maybe it’s just a shadow/angle but it looks far too pink for my liking.

  • dee

    Hi Meg, good eye. Luckily my stomach was fine after. Didn’t really notice it while I was there. It was pretty bland nonetheless. Wouldn’t recommend it from here.