Belle Epoque Patisserie, Brisbane, Australia

We were actually going to have another meal after a short 15 minute walk, but the place we wanted (Ann’s Gyoza House) was closed at 2:30 until dinner time. We walked around the complex, and found Belle Epoque. We were looking for a nice cafe break anyway.

I ordered a Mille Feuille, and a Capuccino, while my friend thought she ordered a Raspberry Cake, and a flat white, but instead got a Raspberry Tart.

We both loved my Mille Feuille, the cream was sooooo good. Nice and thick, and vanilla-y with a crisp flakey pastry in-between each layer. The topping was sticky and sweet. The tart was good too. The tart’s crust was really buttery with a nice texture.

This is a nice place to have a break in a busy day to relax and chat while having nice pastries, desserts, and coffees.

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Belle Epoque Patisserie
1000 Ann St
Brisbane, QLD

07 3852 1500

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