Beef Noodle & XLB at Crystal Mall

A couple months ago a friend introduced me to Favor Eat World‘s Taiwanese beef noodles and Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine‘s XLB (Xiao long bao) at the food court in Crystal Mall.

Like most people, I consciously avoid mall food, but these 2 places were way better than I expected.

I have since recommend these 2 places to my friends and for those who asks for authentic Taiwanese beef noodles.

Favor Eat World’s Taiwanese beef noodles

These are the best beef noodles.  Yes, the beef noodles were better than beefy beef‘s noodles! After the first visit, I brought Dee to check them out. I’ve had their original Beef Noodles and Half Tendon Beef Noodles. The broth for both noodles were the same. They had some bok choy, carrots and green onions. The broth was the best, very flavorful, and not too greasy.

The noodles were perfectly cooked and the beef briskets were super tender. If you like tendon, the half tendon noodles comes with large tendon pieces. Really really authentic beef noodles. I don’t think I will go anywhere else for Taiwanese beef noodles unless they are better than Favor Eat World’s.

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Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine

Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine is located right beside Favor Eat World. I was told to try their Xiao Long Bao, so I got an order of it to go with my beef noodles. One order of XLB comes with 5 buns and they cost $4. The XLBs were really fresh and super juicy. The pork filling tasted fresh, and had nice subtle seasoning. They were good XLBs considering they are in a food court.

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  • Karl

    That’s a great combo! Really good noodles and awesome XLB. Have you checked out Huaxi?

  • beipas

    hey Karl, where is Huaxi? what kind of food do they have?

  • Karl

    Right across from Wang`s & Favor Eat. It`s all soup, Guizhou style. Nice and sour but very spicy if you ask. Best condiment selection in the food court! Fresh garlic, cumin, black vinegar. Excellent bowls.

  • anonymous

    I like spicy beef rice noodle of Favor Eat World’s. It is very palatable, too. Actually, I love their chilli oil because it smells so goooooooooooood!!