Avenue Bread and Cafe in Bellingham

I’ve gone to the States and more specifically Bellingham for almost my entire life. I wish I knew about this place before! Avenue Bakery is an awesome bakery and breakfast joint just off of the Sunset exit on I5 (the same exit to go to K-Mart, or Panda Express). We were on our way to Cannon Beach, so we wanted a good quick breakfast to start the day.

They have some pretty gourmet versions of breakfast sandwiches called Eggenue Sandwiches. There were quite a few different choices, I went for the Gourmet, Beipas went for the Veggie, and our friend went for the Country. We also ordered a blueberry scone for something sweet. There were a ton of other stuff on their chalkboard meu, but we needed to be quick so we can start our trek over to Oregon.

All of the Eggenue breakfast sandwiches came with your choice of english muffin (white, brown, etc.), tomato and egg. Then depending on the style you chose determined what else was in the sandwich. My Gourmet Eggenue came with blue cheese and bacon! The Country Eggenue was your standard sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich. The Vegetable Eggenue came with avocado, spinach, red onions and cheddar! I usually don’t have a big appetite for breakfast, so I was kinda iffy about the blue cheese, but it really worked well. The bluecheese wasn’t too strong, but you could definitely tell there was blue cheese in there. This was a good thing in my opinion. The cheese was actually folded into the egg. The bacon was crispy, and the egg was fried perfectly. I loved it, and I’m so glad I picked this one. My second pick was the Country sandwich, and my friend said it was very good too. The biggest compliment came from Beipas’ Veggie sandwich. The tomato and avocado was very fresh, and she even said when we go back, she wouldn’t bother ordering the other Eggenues. She loved the sandwich that much because of the avocado.

These are obviously pricier than egg mcmuffin’s but they are worth it because they are better – better ingredients, better options, better flavour. This is coming from someone who LOVES egg mcmuffins.

Now the blueberry scone was amazing! The best scone I’ve ever had. It wasn’t dense like the scones I’m used to, it was very airy, light, and fluffy. It was so delicious! The blueberry’s were spread all throughout and provided awesome flavour from the sweetness and tiny bit of tartness. I think what really got me was just the consistency of it. I’d definitely order this everytime I go. They have other types of scones too, so I’m tempted to try them all. Next time I’m in Bellingham, I must go back!

Avenue Bakery has a bunch of locations in Washington. I’m not sure how good they all are, but this one is definitely a gem. Besides the yummy food they have fresh baked breads which we will probably get when we are visiting our place near Birch Bay. The only complaint I had was that it took a lot longer to get these sandwiches than I would’ve thought.

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Avenue Bread & Cafe
2301 James St
Bellingham, WA

(360) 715-3354


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  • http://www.meplusfood.com/author/beipas beipas

    LOVE the Veggie Eggenue so much. Probably the only English muffin sandwich I will ever eat now.