Jamie’s Italian, Sydney, Australia

We were very excited to go to Jamie’s Italian, because Jamie Oliver is one our favourite celebrity chefs, and we haven’t had pasta on our entire trip. We got caught up at our hotel watching the Survivor Finale, so we got to Jamie’s Italian a bit later than we wanted. By the time we got there at 630PM on a Firday, there was a 2.5 hour wait. We put our names down and just looked to kill some time.

Over two hours we later we finally got the call. Was it worth the wait? Unfortunately not. The restaurant is a bit cramped, our table seemed to be placed there just so they can fit an extra table in. As people walked by, we had to move a bit so we wouldn’t get bumped. There is also order stations very close and in between two tables near us.

We started with their famous Polenta chips, and ordered Tagliatelle Bolognese, and their Black Angel Spaghetti pastas. I remember seeing Jamie cooking crisp Polenta, but they weren’t as good as we were hoping. These were deep fried cubes of polenta, and topped with rosemary and some parmesan. It was sweet, and had a strong corn flavour, but the rosemary and parmesan didn’t add much. We felt it needed a dip of some sort. The texture was crisp on the outside, and soft inside, but it kind of reminded us of agedashi tofu without the sauce. Meaning, it’s not very good on it’s own. Wasn’t that good.

Each of their pastas come in two sizes – half orders come with 75g of pasta, and full comes with 150g. I always remember Jamie cooking Bolognese in his shows, which is why I decided to order the meat sauce. I typically order creamy pastas, but needed to try his bolognese. I was disappointed though. There was plenty of meat – both beef and pork, but had a strong rosemary taste which over powered the rest of it. The pasta was cooked well, but the meat sauce wasn’t very good. Maybe I was overhyping it for myself.

The Black Angel Spaghetti was good though, but the half portion was just enough without getting sick of it. It was cool looking black squid ink angel hair pasta with scallops, garlic, chilli, anchovies and finished off with some wine and capers. The sauce was nice, but by the end of the pasta, it was almost swimming in olive oil.

We ate at two places, walked 20 mins back to our hotel, and almost made it back by the time we got our table, so I think the wait kind of killed our appetite. The food also wasn’t as good as we were hoping it would be. We love Jamie Oliver recipes, but this restaurant wasn’t that good. The line up also added to the anticipation. I’m typically a creamy pasta person, but the Bolognese was just too tempting to pick since I always remember him cooking it on his shows. If the line up wasn’t that long, I would try it again, but I definitely wouldn’t wait over 20 mins.

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Jamie’s Italian
107 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW

02 8240 9000


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