Andreas Keller, Leavenworth

We stayed over in Leavenworth for 1 night, and had a great dinner at Andreas Keller. This restaurant is only a few steps away from Pavz. Even though it is on Front street, it located in a basement, so it wasn’t too obvious to find either.

I was here for the pork knuckles, but I was out of luck because a huge tourist group arrived before us ordered all of the 45 pork knuckles the restaurant had that night. Damn tourists.

My fall back plan was beef goulash with homemade spatzle noodles. It was delicious and did not disappoint. The beef was tender, the flavours were authentic.


The Schnitzel was really good too. The pork was cooked perfectly tender and juicy, and I was most surprised with their German potato salad. It reminded me of the meal and potato salad I had Figlmüller in Vienna.


The sausage sampler comes with your choice of 3 different kinds of full-sized sausages. Served simply with some pretzel chips, it’s a good choice to go with their wide selection of beers.



Overall, the food was good, the service was nice. The atmosphere was great with the underground theme, decoration and live music. I had a great time here.




Andreas Keller Restaurant

829 Front St
Leavenworth, WA

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