Amiconi, Melbourne, Australia

Our original Italian choice was unfortunately closed on Mondays, so we asked our friend’s Italian friend, and they recommended Aroncino. They do make really good food, but they did something we were definitely not happy about.

This small family operated Italian restaurant has been around for 57 years. It’s very cozy and dim, could be a nice place for a romantic dinner.

We ordered the Garlic Mushrooms, and Plato Misto which allowed us to choose 3 entree (half orders) sized portions for $50. Pretty good, you save a few bucks because most of them cost $19 or more. We selected the Tortellini Ai Funghi, Risotto Con Pesto & Funghi, and Tagliatelle Alla Carbonara.

The garlic mushrooms were yummy, but pretty pricey for the $18. There were only 4 two-bite mushrooms slathered with a delicious buttery garlic sauce. The mushrooms were soft, and salty. Definitely could have came with more for $19.

We also ordered Bruschetta all Sicilliana, which was a bit different. It was served with a tomato, and shaved parmesan, and some basil that had been soaked in oil. There was plenty of pieces, 3 per person, a bit more than we were expecting or wanted.

My favourite of the three was the tortellini, then the tagliatelle, then the risotto. The sauces were so good. The tortellini was tender, with a light stuffing and served with a creamy, mushroom and cheese sauce. The Carbonara was good, but I was expecting a bit more of a saltier bacon. I would have called it more ham-like. I’m not that big of a risotto fan (I want to be), but my friends who like it said it was better than the original place we were going to go to. The texture wasn’t too soggy, and it was quite creamy. I love pesto.

The thing that bugged me about this place though was that they charged us for two plato mistos. They said they were going to add a bit more, because the 3 orders weren’t going to be enough for 4 of us. One of us wasn’t that hungry, and so we thought they would add a few dollars, not another whole $50 plato misto. If we knew we were going to be charged for two orders, we would have probably picked another 3 pastas, or just said no. We did finish our food, but we forced ourselves to finish and were stuffed. We did have 2 appetizers as well.

The food was good, but that was pretty tricky of them to make us order two mixed pasta plates. Not cool. My friend that travelled with me on the entire trip, said this was her favourite meal, tastewise. Not service wise.

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359 Victoria St
Melbourne, VIC

03 9328 3710

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