Airport Coffee Shop

These guys are known for their pie. Their slogan is “I Fly for Pie”. This restaurant is located in the Chilliwack Airport, and serves all kinds of good diner food. My coworker raved about their pie, and it’s a must stop when going East.That same coworker sent me a picture of their Mud Pie this weekend, so I used that pic to get Beipas and Cathy to go with me to Chilliwack. We went in before lunch time, and were able to seat ourselves. However, as noon rolled along, they changed it to please wait to be seated, and they had quite a few reserved tables. It wasn’t super busy, but they had a huge party coming by.

I knew I had to get pie, but I still hadn’t had breakfast yet. Although they had breakfast items, I chose a Reuben sandwich with Onion Rings. My friend ordered the special which was a Blackstone Eggs Benedict. My Reuben was nice, though the bread got a bit soggy in the middle because it was French dipped. It had corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and a bit of spicy mustard. The meat was moist and flavourful. Overall it was a really good sandwich. The Blackstone Eggs Benedict was delicious as well, with nice runny eggs, and a nice Hollandaise sauce on top of tomato,  bacon, and English muffin.

For pies, we ordered Peach Pie, Caramel Apple, and a Blueberry Raspberry Pie. The pie crust was flakey and just sweet enough. The fillings were delicious too. I think the best out of the bunch was the Peach. I enjoyed most of the caramel apple, but wasn’t that fond of the topping, as it was very dense and hard. Inside there were apples, and pecans. The blueberry raspberry was very tart, and a bit sour. The crust was good, but I think our friend’s aunt makes it better.

I really wanted the Dutch Apple pie, because the apple pie at Winkel in Amsterdam was honestly the best pie I’ve ever had. I guess I’ll have to go back to Airport Coffee Shop eventually. A one hour drive and $10 in gas is better than a $1300 – 13 hour flight. Hope it comes close.

Pie slices are about $5 a piece, and can come a la mode, whip cream, or nothing at all. You can order whole pies for about $25, but you should order at least 24 hours in advance, and also eat it the same day.

The service is very friendly, and you can tell it’s a local favourite. They knew many of their customers on a first name basis.

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Airport Coffee Shop
46244 Airport Rd
Chilliwack, BC

(604) 792-0814

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