Ah-Beetz Pizza

After a couple pizza reviews on MePlusFood, we got quite a few responses from other food bloggers telling us to go try Ah-Beez pizza in Abbotsford. Abbotsford is quite a drive out, but we finally set out minds and made it to Ah-Beetz a couple weeks ago.

This place was not quite what I expected, there was only 2 people working, the cashier, and the pizza guy standing by his pizza oven, making pizza out in the open. There were quite a few pies on the menu, and they all sounded really delicious, deciding was kind of hard, but in the end we got the Amatricana. And it was about 5 minutes after we ordered our first pie, we decided to get another one, the Di Fara.

Amatricana pizza was pancetta, red onions, roasted garlic, red pepper flakes, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella & Grana Padano. My first slice of Ah-Beetz pizza, was pretty fantastic. I loved the thin crust. The Amatricana had great flavors, very savory, and garlicky – I love garlic. Our second pizza arrived just as I finished my first slice.

The Di Fara was pepperoni, artichoke hearts, tomato sauce, mozzarella, fior di latte with lots of fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil &  Grana Padano. This pizza was even better than the Amatricana, in my opinion. You can’t really go wrong with artichoke hearts, and I loved the fresh basil. The Di Fara was a little greasier because of the pepperoni and the extra virgin olive oil, but it didn’t taste heavy at all, the basil was a nice balance.

Was it authentic new york style pizza? Pretty close! The very thin crust with slightly charred bottom, and super fresh ingredients made all the difference. Each slice had great texture and balance between the crust and the toppings. I ate half a medium pizza while I was there and wanted more. We ended up bringing some of it home, and ate it a couple hours later. We wondered how it’d taste when cold, it was still good, but not nearly as awesome when fresh. I strongly suggest you eat it fresh, or reheat it in the oven if you have left overs.

Overall impression, great pizza and really friendly owners. It was one of those things where you ate it, and you instantly know you’ll crave it later. It was worth the drive.

Note: Very limited seating. Open at 4pm. Closed Mondays.

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2664 Gladys Avenue
Abbotsford, BC V2S

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