Aero Cafe & Bar, Sydney, Australia

On our way back to the hotel from Jamie’s Italian, we looked for some desserts, and Aero Cafe & Bar was on the way home. It wasn’t our first choice, but the one we chose had closed early, and aero was next door.

Aero Cafe & Bar is on George Street, which is very similar to our Granville. There were lots of people out that night, with lots of club, and party goers. Alcohol was definitely in the atmosphere. It also has lots of cafes, and fast food.

They were fairly close to closing, but we decided to get some desserts and coffees. We ordered a caramel cake, and a creme brûlée to go along with a latte and cappuccino.

My caramel cake had a rich chocolate topping, fairly dense middle caramel custard layer, and a nice crunchy bottom layer. It was very sticky, but I really enjoyed it. It was quite sweet.

My friend also enjoyed her creme brûlée. The topping was perfect – thin and crispy, and not over torched or bitter. The creme itself was a bit thicker and custardy, but it had good flavour.

The service was very friendly, and the customers were nice too. Maybe got a hook up to rent a nice place in Byron Bay next time I’m in Australia. I’d come back for desserts and coffee any time. They also serve alcohol, and breakfast too.

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Aero Cafe & Bar
580 George St
Sydney, NSW

02 9000 0000

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