104 Sushi & Co, Surrey

I was looking for places to eat in my new neighbourhood. I have lived here for about 4-5 months, but I have yet to try ¬†anything close by. Honestly there isn’t that much to choose from. I was craving sushi, and I found one called 104 Sushi & Co. just 3 minutes away.They offer a mix of Japanese and Korean dishes, but mostly Japanese.

I ordered the Oyako Don which came with a bowl of miso soup. The Oyako Don was a decent sized bowl, with lots of delicious moist chicken, egg,  onions, sesame and the sauce. It was pretty good. The chicken was very tender, and still had the skin on. The sauce was nice and the rice just right when mixed together.


I also ordered the Agedashi Tofu which were fried and were very light. The sauce was good, and wasn’t super salty even if the tofu sat in there for a while.


I also ordered a couple pieces of Tamago nigiri which were decent.


My friends ordered a bunch of things too. It seems like everything fried was done quite well. Not thick on the batter, and very light.

The Yam Tempura was crunchy, but the yam was cooked just right. Thin cut, and tender, but not limp, and seasoned lightly.


The Chicken Karaage was really good too. Moist boneless chicken with a thin crisp batter and a mix of sauces.


Gyoza had nice browning, and moist and juicy inside.


Wakame Salad


Ebi Sunomono


French Kiss Roll with double prawns and cucumber.


Volcano Roll with salmon, prawn, avocado on the inside, and chopped scallop, salmon roe, and spicy sauce on the outside. Both rolls were done pretty well.


Unagi nigiri was a bit inconsistent with the size of the unagi, but it still tasted good.


My friends also ordered some sashimi which were trimmed of any extra fat, so it had a all a nice even texture, but it was cut a bit rough.

104 Sushi & Co.
10422 168 St
Surrey, BC


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