Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Fried Chicken

…with cous cous de blah blah? No. Just fried chicken! This past weekend we had our comfort food weekend which we’ve been planning for a while. For our protein we made fried chicken using Tyler Florence’s (Beipas’ master chef) recipe which can be found on the Food Network’s website. I don’t know if this recipe was the one he used in his Tyler’s Ultimates show, because I swear he used honey somewhere. But nonetheless we tried it anyway.

Ingredients: (check Tyler’s recipe for exact amounts)

– Thighs
– Breasts
– Drumsticks
– Wings
– Water
– Sea Salt
Breading & Batter
– Flour
– Garlic Powder
– Onion Powder
– Paprika
– Cayenne
– Black Pepper
– Buttermilk
– Srirachi (Hot Sauce)
– Vegetable oil
– Fresh Sage
– Fresh Thyme
– Fresh Rosemary
– Garlic

We got a bunch of chicken – 12 drumsticks, 15 thighs, a whole breast, and a pound of whole chicken wings. His recipe said to cut a chicken up our selves, but we weren’t too confident with our knife skills.

First we brined the chicken to keep it juicy! Unfortunately, I was supposed to do it over night, but I only was able to keep the chicken in the brine for 3 hours because I was busy until late the night before. When you are ready to start cooking, rinse the chicken, and then put the chicken in a deep bowl(s), and cover the chicken with water until the water is about an inch over it. For each litre of water, put a tablespoon of sea salt.

When you are ready to start cooking it, dry the pieces of chicken with a paper towel. You don’t want the chicken soaking wet before you batter them, or it might not stick properly.

For the dry part of the batter combine all the dry ingredients listed above and mix. For the wet part of the batter, combine the wet parts (the buttermilk and hot sauce). When battering the chicken, put it in the dry mixture first, then the buttermilk mixture and then back in the dry. In each step, try to get rid of any excess batter or flour.

Get the oil ready by filling your pot about 3 inches high. I used vegetable oil, because I’m allergic to peanuts! Put the fresh herbs and garlic in the pot while the oil is cold, and start heating it up to 350-365 degrees Farenheit. Sadly, since I didn’t use an electric deep fryer, or have an oil thermometer I was too hot. I should’ve checked to see if it was done after the first batch. Stupid me.

Anyways, cook the chicken until golden brown. Get ready for the herbs in the oil to make your kitchen smell awesome and get you hungry. It definitely did for us and our friends and family. It should take about 12-15 minutes per batch to get golden brown and crispy – you should probably flip it once in the middle of the cooking time. After it’s done, take off the excess oil. After the first batch is done, you can take out the herbs too because they are done flavouring the oil. You can garnish the chicken with the crispy herbs and also squeeze some lemon on top (which we forgot to do).

Sadly, the bigger thigh pieces didn’t cook all the way through. So we had to finish cooking it in the toaster oven. The wings and some of the drum sticks were cooked though. It’s my fault for not setting the proper temperature and not checking after the first batch. The batter was good though. It had a bit of a kick to it with the hotsauce in the buttermilk, and the cayenne pepper in the flour mixture. It was good, and the herbs added a really good hit to it. Even after cooking them for a bit longer in the toaster oven, the chicken meat was still juicy. My friends loved the flavour.

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