Homemade Taco Night

Ever since moving into my new home, my friends have gladly come over each weekend to cook an awesome meal together. I love cooking with friends. My friend is doing a pretty paleo diet along with cross fit. He mentioned plantain tortillas so we tried that, as well as a lot more home made Mexican style meats, dips and sauces.This was a fun and messy meal, but the best tasting so far. I prepped throughout the day, but had lots of food.


Paleo Friendly version – Guac, Lettuce, Pork, Steak, Pico de Gallo on Plantain Tortilla


Cheat Paleo version – Guac, Lettuce, Pork, Steak, Pico de Gallo, Monterey Jack Cheese, Cilantro Lime Cream


My last taco that put me over the edge because my friends told me to use both meats. Up until that point I was only putting one type of meat per taco.



Pork Carnitas from Food Network

This was so simple and easy. And cheap! The 2 pounds of bone in pork was only $5. Some spices, oranges, garlic, chiles, and slow cook for 6 hours.

See the link above for the details, but it was really easy and the pork shredded easily and was juicy and tender. I wish there was a bit more sauce left over though.




Tacos Carne Asada by Tyler Florence

The skirt steak was a bit more expensive and I could only find it frozen for about $20 for 2 pounds. It was still awesome though and my friends loved it. I marinated it for about 6 hours in his Mojo sauce and then grilled it on the BBQ for about 7-8 minutes per side. Save some of the Mojo sauce for later and you can use it to top the steak for more fresh flavour, or use it for chicken too.




Dips & Sauces

Pico de Gallo

Was also from Tyler Florence, and was simple, and the red and green onions added a nice strong flavour. It was simple, but my tomatoes were kind of flavourless.


Cilantro Lime Cream by Robert Irvine

I was also going to make braised chicken ones, but with just 4 people, I think 4 pounds of meat was enough. I’ll save it for another time. But, I wanted to make the cilantro lime cream too. It’s not as good on its own, but on the tacos it was really good. The cumin had quite a strong flavour.


Also from Robert Irvine’s braised chicken taco, and it’s a simple guacamole. We have been making guacamole for the past 3 weekends, and it’s so good, and good for you.



Plantain Tortilla

We used the PaleoSecret for a base, but we didn’t use as much many eggs because I thought 4 eggs would be too much for the two plantains we used. Ours wasn’t nearly as playable, but it was more like a tostada. Really good texture and I liked this better than the other version we made. I liked how it was seasoned with a bit of garlic powder, and the baking was nice.



Plantain Tostones

We also tried making it another way by Everyday Paleo which is a bit simpler, but they mentioned two inch long  pieces to fry. Their pics showed about 1 inch, unless my measurements are way off. Make sure it’s just about an inch high, and it will fry faster. It’s pretty simple too, just slice it to 1-inch. Fry it. Smush it. And refry it. We used the flat side of my meat tenderizer to get a nice flat tostones. We used a fork and a potato masher at first, and that was a bad idea. I liked the baked tortilla from PaleoSecret better, as when we made these ones they didn’t really form well. Maybe if we cut them into 1 inch piece it would be better. We should have used more coconut oil.




  • Alberto Lopez

    Wow, I’ve never seen plantain tortillas before. That looks delicious.

    I work for a taco man catering company and we’ve never had anyone request these. I can see them catching on.

    Great job with meal and the pictures! Thanks for sharing!