Homemade Taco Night

Ever since moving into my new home, my friends have gladly come over each weekend to cook an awesome meal together. I love cooking with friends. My friend is doing a pretty paleo diet along with cross fit. He mentioned plantain tortillas so we tried that, as well as a lot more home made Mexican […]

Pinpin, Surrey

Pinpin restaurant has been around in Vancouver for quite a long time, and is probably the most popular Filipino restaurant in Metro Vancouver. Luckily for me, they opened up a new location in Surrey.

Les Rigoles, Paris

We spent our last two nights at the awesome Les Rigoles near our apartment. Both nights were after beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. Les Rigoles opens late, and is very popular.

Le Basilic Restaurant, Paris

For our first meal in Paris, we wanted to try one of the restaurants that our hosts recommended, but they didn’t open til 7PM. We were hungry. Instead we travelled over to Montmartre. We decided on Le Basilic because it had a set menu for a reasonable price. We were getting a bit grumpy and […]

L’as du Fallafel, Paris

Honestly, I didn’t do too much food research on this trip to Europe, but for Paris I found this great website called SharedAppetite. I really recommend this link as I tried 4-5¬†of the top 10 and they were all awesome. One of the items is L’as du Fallafel.

Osteria Bar Olandese Volante, Venice, Italy

After a night exploring the labyrinth of Venice alleyways and trying to get lost, we got hungry. We were kind of just randomly looking for a place when it started pouring, so we decided to have dinner at Osteria Bar Olandese Volante because it seemed decent, and we didn’t want to get soaked.

Caffe India, Venice, Italy

We wanted a quick bite on a hot day in Venice, and we settled for Caffe India. It had a pretty packed patio, with a nice view of the canal.

Jamie Oliver’s Broccoli and Pesto Tagliatelle

The first meal that I cooked at my new house consisted of two items from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I needed something simple, and I didn’t want to do a 15 or 30 minute meal because I just wanted a few ingredients, and didn’t want to make 3 courses for just myself. I decided on […]

Jamie Oliver’s Tomato Soup

My first home cooked meal at my place and I quickly went through my Jamie Oliver books. It was just going to be me eating, so I didn’t want to do a whole 15 or 30 minute meal. I chose to go through the Food Revolution book and pick a couple of items. I just […]

Hit ‘n’ Run Panbaked Chicken

We needed a dish that was paleo friendly for my friend, and Jamie Oliver’s Hit ‘n’ Run Panbaked Chicken is just that. Loaded with bright vegetables, chicken, and a few spices, it really is easy one pan dish. You basically chop everything up, put it in a pan and bake.

An Indian Affair, Langley

I know I keep saying it, but I really need to stop buying Groupons – I still have 2 golf ones, and this one at An Indian Affair. I was just waiting for an Indian food craving, and brought a friend.

Surfin Sumo Hawaiian BBQ and Social House

Last weekend we wanted to get some Korean food after watching about 5 episodes of Mind of a Chef featuring David Chang. Our original option was closed that day, so we were scrambling to find another Korean place.