Creamy Smoked Bacon and Pea Sauce Pasta

I might as well use the rest of my peas and bacon, so I gave Jamie Oliver’s Pasta with Creamy Smoked Bacon and Pea Sauce recipe from his Food Revolution book a try.

Southwestern Sweet Potato Soup

When looking through my cookbooks, I try to find stuff that is simple, and stuff that I have some ingredients for so I don’t have to spend so much, and also get rid of anything that may go bad in the fridge. I was planning to make a paleo soup for my friend with sweet […]

Cacao Sampaka, Barcelona

Cacao Sampaka was the second place we had chocolate and churros in Barcelona. The look and feel was not at all like La Pallaresa, it was more modern, and a lot fancier. Here I ordered the Spanish chocolate. In came in a tall cup. The chocolate here was a lot finer and smoother. It was […]

Ramen-Ya Hiro, Barcelona

It was raining all day in Barcelona, and we were craving soupy things. So we decided to visit Ramen-Ya Hiro for lunch. Opening at 1pm daily, we were already in a line up about 10 minutes before 1pm. Seating is quite limited here, I think this line of people up filled up the first tables of […]

La Pallaresa, Barcelona

Our first chocolate and churros shop in Barcelona was La Pallaresa in the Gothic district. The restaurant has a really convenient location, just 2 minutes off La Rambla street, and since it’s in the Gothic, it’s a perfect stop to refuel after shopping in area. I ordered a Spanish chocolate, which was not super sweet […]

Asian Cucumber Mint Salad

I wanted to make Michael Smith’s Asian Cucumber Salad from his Best of Chef at Home because it was simple and I only needed to buy a few extra ingredients.

Chen Ji, Barcelona

Where do you go eat when you are poor in Barcelona on a rainy Sunday? Chinese food. We decided to have Chinese for dinner at Chen Ji because 1. There was a thunderstorm, it was pouring outside, and the restaurant was only a 10 minute walk from our hostel. 2. We been traveling for a […]

Cervecería Catalana, Barcelona

Cervecería Catalana is another highly reviewed restaurant in Barcelona on Yelp. We came here on our second last night in the city, wanting to get a much tapas in before we leave. We got here around 8pm, and again, there was a huge amount of people waiting for their names to be called. We waited for […]

Pinotxo Bar, Barcelona

The Pinotxo Bar in La Boqueria is quite famous. I visited La Boqueria several times during my trip to Barcelona mainly for fresh juices, and every time I’m there, Pinotxo was packed (except on the day it rained, it was quite empty. Tip: go when it rains!). The first visit to Pinotxo Bar we sat […]

Divinus, Barcelona

We walked into Divinus because we couldn’t find Tapas 24 that day (one of the many times where I wish I had data on my phone while traveling). Anyway, Divinus seemed like a popular restaurant with lots of people dining on the patio and inside the restaurant; which was a good sign. We started the […]

Tapas 24, Barcelona

Tapas 24 was another tapas restaurant near Passeig de Gracia, and 15 minutes walk from my hostel. At around 7pm, really early dinner time for Barcelona, there was already a line out the door. I think we waited around 30 minutes. This tapa meal, I tried the Catalan champagne – Ceva, instead of Sangria. Taste like a […]

Ciudad Condal, Barcelona

First night in Barcelona, we had dinner at Ciudad Condal in L’Eixample – a highly rated restaurant, just a 15 minute walk from my hostel.  At 9:30pm, the restaurant was packed with people, the wait was 40 minutes for a table. 40 minutes sounds long, but I didn’t mind the wait actually. The weather was nice, […]