Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches, Richmond

Usually when I’m in Richmond, I go for HK style cafes, or other Asian restaurants. But this time, I’m still on my sandwiches phase, and I remembered a placed call Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches (or Bob’s subs) that has awesome hot sandwiches. This deli has not changed a bit since the last time I visited years ago, […]

Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant, Burnaby

It’s been so long since I’ve had a dim sum brunch. This time instead of going to my usual spot at New Starlet, I went to try Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant just a few blocks down. The restaurant was pretty nice, and I think they have slightly more selections than New Starlet. We ordered the […]

Sheila’s Deli, Surrey

Once in a while I just need someone to make me a good sandwich; seriously good and fresh sandwiches. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to find a restaurant that specializes in gourmet sandwiches, but after some searching, and recommendation from Dave, I went to Sheila’s Deli in South Surrey to satisfy my craving. […]

Bistro Pastis, Vancouver

Restaurants come and go in the city of Vancouver, where competition is tough and foodies are fickle. However, there are a few establishments that have found their niche and have settled in for the long run. Bistro Pastis is one such restaurant. With veteran restaurateur, John Blakeley at the helm, and executive chef, Spencer Watts […]

Ramengers, Vancouver

I was in the mood for some Japanese Ramen.  My Japanese hairdresser recommended that I try Ramengers even though the ramen owners are not Japanese. This restaurant is fairly small with limited seating.  When I got there around 1pm, the restaurant was pretty packed.  I ordered the Spicy Tonkotsu and my friend got the Shio […]

BT Cafe, Vancouver

I haven’t been dining out much lately, and if I do, it’s always something close by my home. But lately I’ve been wanting to have some decent Hong Kong cafe food, so I took a drive out to BT Cafe in Vancouver. There were no lines for a table at this restaurant, but each table was […]

Milestones Guildford Town Centre, Surrey

Last week we were invited to the pre-opening event of the brand new Milestones at Guildford Town Centre in Surrey. This turned out to be a really fun event with good food. I had a good time chatting with other food bloggers and Milestones’ staff. Upon arrival we were presented with 3 different types of cocktails. […]

The Wooden Spoon Brunch & Bistro Co, White Rock

A friend was telling me about The Wooden Spoon Brunch & Bistro Co in White Rock, and how it’s a good spot for brunch. I did a bit of research on the restaurant, and found out that they have dinner too. Ideally, I wanted to come try the brunch menu, but my friend is here for […]

Mango Yummy, Richmond

Lately I keeps seeing these delicious looking mango drinks from other food bloggers on my Instagram feed, and it just made me really want one! Mango Yummy is located on Number 3 road near Richmond centre, and it’s where these mango drink photos came from. There are so many kinds of Cantonese style drinks and […]

Jamie Oliver’s Amazing Apple Pie

I’ve had Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food book for a couple of weeks now, and the first recipe I decided to try was the Amazing Apple Pie. There are quite a bit of dessert recipes in this book, and this one seems the easiest with the least ingredients. I also have cases of Okanagan Ambrosia apples […]

Carette, Paris

Carette is a patisserie just steps away from Trocadéro station. Originally I wanted to come here for the macaroons, but ended up getting a savoury lunch here instead. To my surprise, the waiters here were very friendly, and fluent in English. I guess it’s because it was located in a very touristy area. I started our […]

Café de Flore, Paris

Café de Flore was the one cafe that my friend wanted to visit in Paris. We came here really early for breakfast, just when it opened in fact, and got a table at the sidewalk patio. We got some coffee, and the waiter brought us a tray of croissants, a tray of pastries, and 4 types of […]