Uni-President Pudding

Uni-President Pudding is the one dessert I could never ever get sick of eating.  I grew up with this stuff and I still love it until this day.

What are these things? Imagine flan, but lighter in texture and taste. It’s the Asian version of flan in other words. It consists of 2 parts, the yellow egg custard and the dark brown caramel at the bottom. The yellow custard part is very very soft, silky and very very smooth. The dark brown caramel part doesn’t have a strong caramel taste, instead it is a lot sweeter than the yellow part.

This is a pudding with its own unique taste. There are a lot of other companies making this kind of pudding in Asia, but none as good as this. It comes with its uniquely shaped cup that is the perfect serving size to satisfy your sweet tooth, although I always end up eating 2 at a time. They also come with their own little spoon, so you are good to eat it wherever you go. Asian marketing skills, brilliant.

There are a lot of ways to eat it. You can open it and eat it as is, or you can try to flip it upside down onto a plate that was made famous on their commercials. I personally tried stirring everything together, freezing them and flip them upside down while they’re still in the cup. Does it taste different? No, but it’s fun!

You can also eat them with Asian shaved ice desserts, they’re so so yummy with shaved ice and condensed milk.

Where can you get these? Taiwan. Yes, Taiwan. I’m actually really surprised that T&T supermarket, or other big Asian supermarkets don’t carry these, because these are so good!

If you ever get the chance to visit Taiwan, you HAVE to try these. They’re not hard to find in Taiwan, any 7-11 or grocery stores carry them.

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President Pudding
Available in Taiwan.

  • buns

    Hey, one of my Taiwanese friends from badminton gave me a couple of those to try. She’s the best! These pudding things are soooooo good!

  • http://www.camandcheese.com dee

    i only started liking it recently haha.. i only have one left! which will be gone today

  • Batilly

    Do you know if we can order these online? I used to get these in Cali, I now live in Milwaukee.