Rondelé Gourmet Spreadable Cheese Garlic & Herbs

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I picked this up last time I went to the States at a Fred Meyer. I’m not sure if they sell it here. I was choosing either this or some yummy Boursin. But for value, the case of the spreadable cheese was so cheaper and there was a lot more (and even a bonus 23% more!). I wanted more for my money this time. I think it was on sale too so it was only like $4.99 for the tub.

I tried on some Dare Water Crackers, which I also picked up, and honestly I was a bit disappointed at first. The taste was very mild, not very garlicy or herby. Next one I smothered my cracker with a lot, and it was sooo delicious. Now there’s lots of flavour. I actually couldn’t stop eating them, but I had to stop myself so that I wouldn’t eat it all in one day. Don’t be stingy when you are using it. You got to smother your cracker with it.

The garlic flavour isn’t that strong. It’s just right. I don’t think it will leave you with garlic breath. The cheese texture is a bit more airy and fluffy than say Philadelphia cream cheese which is a good thing. It’s very easy to spread.

It’s not very healthy though, as of the 70 calories per serving, 60 come from fat.

The cardboard packaging that it comes with has some tip son what you can do with your Rondele cheese too – like wontons, crostini, sandwiches, and pasta sauce.

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