Danny’s Market Screamer Drink – Ice Cream + Slurpee

My friend asked if I’ve ever had a screamer, and I said nope. He said I have to try it because it’s so good! So after this VW GTI meeting today, he brought me over to Danny’s Market on Garden City and Francis in Richmond. I’ve actually never been to this part of Garden City, but it wasn’t too hard to get to.

We pulled up to a corner store which was next to an atheltic club which looked kind of dinky. The store also had some pizza and hotdogs. But what they are famous for are their screamers! A drink layered with some ice cream and then any slurpee flavour you want! They even have a poster that says it’s a “Soul Refresher” and most importantly the “Best Drink on Earth!” You can mix your soft serve ice cream with any of their slurpee flavours. We ordered just a small Screamer with Root Beer, and they are about $2.90 or so. They had lots of other flavours, as another lady wanted to put in a big order – and some had blueberry, and even capuccino!

So what did it taste like. Well first off, they need bigger straws, which they had before says my friend. The straws were for slurpees though, because they had a bit of a spoon on the end. My first sip was mostly slurpee, as I didn’t mix it up properly yet, and the ice cream was still thick. You really need to mix it up well before it starts tasting good. It takes quite a bit of mixing to get it into a homogenous mixture, but when it does, that’s when it gets really good. When you get a ice cream and root beer slurpee with each sip. It tasted like a root beer float. It was pretty refreshing and really cold. Would be good on a really hot summer day. It’s not the best drink ever though, gimme some good alcohol anyday haha..

I wonder how much sugar this has…I just ordered a small after dinner, but they also have larger sizes, and even more layering. I don’t know if I’d want to drink that. It would definitely cause many brain freezes.

Try it out! If Root Beer is not your thing, they have lots of slurpee flavours. And sell samosa’s and pizzas and other hot food.

Danny’s Market
9040 Francis Rd.
Richmond, BC

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  • Janet

    I had the mango melon screamer a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good. It seems like that flavour was a hot seller because the guys behind the counter said it would be gone in a couple days. I don’t know if I’m ready to jump on the screamer bandwagon though, because slurpees are still more refreshing in my mind.

  • http://none Amelia

    hey there,Im living in Calgary alberta. And im not sure of the “history” of this mouth watering drink Or whom came up with the idea, Or for the fact of where I can purchase this. So my question would be where would I be able to find it in my city. The first time I was introduced was in Red Deer, i beilive at a Ice cream parlor. It would be a great help! something the whole family can enjoy on hot day. Thanks!! my e-mail ( if the time is there) follows…


    Amelia Richard.

  • http://none Amelia
  • Dave

    I know where this place is that sells Screamers and a screamer is actually pretty good on ahot day. However, what really gets me going is that the guy who owns Danny’s Market claims he invented / created the Screamer. What a load of crap this is. When I asked him how long ago that was, he gave me an answer that didn’t make sense. You see, when I lived in northern BC, certain ‘corner stores’ offered Screamers long before the Danny’s Market guy said he invented it. What’s more is that in northern BC, they called them Screamers too. How audacious of this guy to keep the same name too!

    If you want to serve the Screamer, by all means, do it. They taste great. But don’t claim something as your own when it’s not. That’s just rude and ignorant.