Restaurants in Bellingham, WA

Red Robin, Bellingham

Over the weekend we planned to do some shopping just over the border and have some delicious cilantro pesto pizza at Soy House in Bellingham. We got some shopping done, but ended up at Red Robin by Bellis Fair all because Soy House has temporarily moved to another location. 

Soy House, Bellingham

It was another “find something to eat in Bellingham” evening. Our first thought was to go to downtown Bellingham, but we turned to Yelp and found Soy House instead when we couldn’t find parking downtown.

Man Pies

My friend and I decided to grab a late night snack at Man Pies in Bellingham, WA. I had walked by this place a few times but I was always too full to go. We ordered two pies: 1) Braised Beef and 2) the daily special – Smoked Beef with Broccoli and Potato.

The Copper Hog

The last restaurant I checked out in Bellingham was The Copper Hog. Me and my two friends stopped by for dinner, and we ordered way too much food for ourselves.

La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza

This week’s Bellingham adventure brought us to La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza in downtown Beillingham. A popular pizza joint, with nice crispy wood oven pizzas.

D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano

Another weekend, another dinner in Bellingham. I was craving pasta, so we decided on trying D’Anna Cafe Italiano. When we got there, it was quite busy, and we had to wait for about an hour to be seated. It smelled awesome in there though, so we had to stay and wait it out. 

Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro

Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro is really in downtown Bellingham, and is actually very family oriented and very popular. We had to wait for about 30 minutes at 6 PM on a Friday to get seated. They do have those pagers to let you know when your table is ready, but I think they said […]

Harris Avenue Cafe

I never knew Bellingham had an actually downtown area until we stopped by Harris Avenue Cafe for breakfast on our way down to Portland. This area has a few restaurants, including Katie’s cupcakes.

Katie’s Cupcakes

On our way to Portland, we had breakfast at Harris Avenue Grill in downtown Bellingham. I’ve never been in this area, so after our meal, we walked around a bit to explore and see what was there. The night before, we had dinner at Espana, and Beipas mentioned that she wanted cupcakes. We didn’t end […]

Boomer’s Drive In

I went to see Robyn’s concert in Seattle last month. I left home without having lunch and thought it would be a good idea for me to snack on something before the long drive. A quick search on Urbanspoon, my friend and I stopped by Boomer’s Drive In.

Avenue Bread and Cafe in Bellingham

I’ve gone to the States and more specifically Bellingham for almost my entire life. I wish I knew about this place before! Avenue Bakery is an awesome bakery and breakfast joint just off of the Sunset exit on I5 (the same exit to go to K-Mart, or Panda Express). We were on our way to Cannon […]

Yogu-San Frozen Yogurt

I stopped by Yogu San during a shopping trip to Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, Washington. This place was sort of like Qoola Frozen Yogurt & Fruit from Vancouver. They sell frozen yogurts with fruit toppings.