Restaurants in Bellevue, WA

Din Tai Fung, Bellevue

Din Tai Fung is one of my favorite places to get XLBs in Taipei, Taiwan. It has gotten quite popular since the first time I had it in 2005 in Taipei, and now they have a couple branches in North America including one Bellevue near Seattle.

Peking “Chinese” Restaurant.

I went to Peking Chinese Restaurant for a quick lunch today. When I got to the restaurant, I was a little confused because Wheel had told us that we were going to a Korean place for some Korean noodles.

Cheesecake Factory Bellevue, inconsistent but good this time!

Going to the Cheesecake Factory is pretty much a guaranteed thing when I go downtown to the Seattle / Bellevue, Washington area. I must admit, though it is one of my favorite places to eat, they are pretty inconsistent, and I’ve had some good times and bad times, but never bad enough to never come […]

Cucina! Cucina! Italian restaurant with mediocre pasta

Cucina! Cucina! is an Italian restaurant that kind of seems like a chain restaurant, but their website¬†only shows the one location in Issaquah, Washington. There’s just something about the decor (and the food)¬†of the restaurant that makes it seem like it would have multiple locations. I put this restaurant under Bellevue, because it’s about 15 […]

Facing East Taiwanese, so fantastic.

Today I went to Facing East Taiwanese in Bellevue, Washington for lunch. This place is fantastic. I was there with the entire MePlusFood team, and our feast included: Taiwanese burgers, Salt and peppery chicken, Beef noodles, Fry Oyster, shrimp pancakes, pork pottage, Sticky rice sausages, Stew pork on rice, and Seafood udon