Restaurants in Oregon

Tin Shed Garden Cafe

Last day of our Portland trip we stopped by Tin Shed Garden Cafe for breakfast. This restaurant was very dog friendly and serves up local and organic foods.

Bijou Cafe

On the second day of our Portland trip, we had a very nice breakfast at Bijou Cafe. I think they are famous for their Roast beef hash, but I absolutely loved their Oyster omelette.

Screen Door

Screen Door is a really popular restaurant and we had to wait about an hour on a Sunday night. They serve Southern food, something that we aren’t too familiar with, but are really interested in trying. They don’t have much of these types of restaurants in Vancouver, so we were really excited to try the […]

Living Room Theaters

We learned how Portland has this cool thing where you watch a movie, while eating good food and drinking good alcohol. We decided on trying out Living Room Theaters on our first night in town. I think they played 5 movies, but we chose to watch a movie called Arbitrage starring Richard Gere. When you […]

Salt & Straw

Yummy ice cream, after 4 quick meals in a short time period. This place was very busy, with tons of different ice creams, you can get them by the scoop, or you can pay $9 and get a flight of ice creams. Great idea, and a good deal especially if you don’t mind sharing.


On our way to brunch at Bijou Cafe, we saw a bunch of signs for Beignets, and having some of the best around. After the meal, and although we were stuffed, we decided to head back in that direction and try a few.

Casa Del Matador

While waiting for a seat at the Screendoor, we decided to walk up Burnside to see what else was around there. We walked past Casa Del Matador, but ended up coming back to it. We just wanted something quick because we were going to be eating again soon.

Hawaiian Grill

For our last meal in Portland we decided to each go our separate ways, and try something from one of the food carts downtown. I chose the Hawaiian Grill for the simple reason that they had Spam Musubi. Something that I’ve been craving and wanting to try for a very long time. Thankfully, I should […]

The Cheese Plate PDX

While waiting for Pine State to open at 6PM, we needed to kill sometime. What better thing to do on Alberta St in Portland, than to look for another place to eat while we wait. We choose the Cheese Plate PDX, which is on a lot with 3 other food trucks.

Pine State Biscuits

Pine state biscuits was food stop #4 out of the 5 meals that we did in 2 hours on our first day in Portland. It was hands down our favorite place out of all of the food we had during our trip there. We were here on a Saturday, and lucky for us it was happy […]

The Waffle Window

The Waffle Window was the first place we ate at in Portland.  Knowing this was the first of many spots we are going to eat that day, we ordered 2 savoury and 2 sweet waffles to share.

Pig ‘N Pancake, Seaside

On our way home from a Cannon Beach camping trip, we stopped off at Pig ‘n Pancake in Seaside. This place was really busy, and we were seated after about a 10 minute wait. I’m on a new diet, and lucky for me I saw that they had gluten-free pancakes on their menu. Their menu […]