Restaurants in Hawaii

Paia Fish Market

While trying to rent paddle boards in Maui, the shop guy recommended Paia Fish Market in Paia for food. We did end up stopping by this restaurant after our trip to the bamboo forest for a late lunch.


My friend called Zippy’s the Hawaiian Denny’s. It’s open 24 hours, and has a huge menu with lots of different dishes, including all day breakfast.

Jawz Tacos

Jawz Tacos is a food truck, that we spotted while beach hopping Maui. We saw a couple different trucks, and decided to grab some food on the way back. It was pretty late in the day so their menu was a bit limited. Luckily we got there early, because only one other group was able […]

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

I wanted something other than Hawaiian Food, or Tacos while staying in Hawaii, and I saw a bunch of signs for Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse. Since it was pretty close to our condo, we gave it a try. They offer southern BBQ, with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, beans, and cornbread to name a few of their […]

Da Kitchen Cafe

Spam Musubi was my must have dish in Hawaii. Beipas was doing some research, and she found a deep fried one at Da Kitchen Cafe which was by the Costco in Kahului. Since we had to make a quick stop there, we also checked out Da Kitchen. The sign is really small, so it is […]

Hana Hou Cafe

Hana Hou Cafe is located in Haiku. It’s a Hawaiian restaurant with some French dishes mixed in as well, as I think the owner was French. This was our first actual meal out, and our first Hawaiian meal of our trip.

Thai Rin Restaurant and Bar, Kona Hawaii

I went to Thai Rin Restaurant because my friend had a craving for Thai food while we were in Hawaii. Thai Rin is located in the middle of the strip of restaurants on Alii Drive. It’s got a great location, with a great view.

Perry’s Smorgy-sborg Breakfast Deal

Keeping pace with Beipas’ Hawaiian food reviews, I was in Hawaii myself in Honolulu a few months ago and got a chance to sample the local fare for a very fair price.

What’s Shakin’ Hilo

My friends and I stopped by What’s Shakin’ for lunch during our day trip to Hilo. This was one of my favorite restaurants on The Big Island, Hawaii.

Tex Drive In. A Local’s Favorite for Malasadas

We were on our way north bound from Kailua Kona to see the waterfalls at Hilo and we were asking the locals where was a good place to eat. Almost every single one of them answered: Malasadas! at Tex Drive In. All of them answered with such love for those Malasadas, we just had to […]

Kaaloa’s Super J’s Authentic Hawaiian, Go for the LauLau

I came across Kaaloa’s Super J’s or simply just Super J’s when my friends and I were searching for true Hawaiian cuisine. This place has got a lot of positive reviews on Yelp, so we were really curious on checking this place out.

Lulu’s Big Island’s Tourist Trap

Lulu’s at Kailua, Kona was a really hard to miss restaurant on Alii Dr. It’s got a great location, right across from the ocean. It’s on the second floor, so it’s got a great view of the ocean for its customers. At night this place looks really flashy, bright with neon lights, and the music […]