Restaurants in London, UK

Jamie’s Italian, Gatwick Airport, London

Being in London for 3 days, I was a bit sad I didn’t get to go to any Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay restaurants. Luckily, before our flight to Barcelona, there were a few Jamie Oliver restaurants at Gatwick Airport.

Patisserie Valerie, London

We needed a place to have brunch before heading to the airport, so we kind of just randomly chose Patisserie Valerie near the Victoria train station.

Four Seasons Chinese, London

Four Seasons Chinese supposedly offers the best BBQ meats in London. A friend told us that this is the place to go for the best roast duck. Some people say they have the best in the world.

Paramount Afternoon Tea, London

We have to have high/afternoon tea in London too right? We didn’t bring the fanciest of clothes on our 3 week long Eurotrip, so we had to do some research for where we can go a bit dressed down. We went to the Paramount which is on the 32nd floor, high above London.

The Draft House Pub, London

Ever since our awesome hotdogs in Leavenworth, I have always been on the look out for Bockwurst. To my surprise there was a restaurant right by our place in London serving up bockwurst, and other British pub food. 

Golden Hind, London

When in London you have to try Fish & Chips right? So did our research and asked some friends and they said that Golden Hind was their favourite. 

Bodean’s, Tower Hill, London

After a long day of travel to get to London, we decided to check out some nearby attractions. After we were done, we needed a place to eat. For some reason we ended up at a BBQ joint called Bodean’s in Tower Hill.

Koya in London

I walked by Koya while walking around Soho a few weeks ago. It was a restaurant with no sign at the top, but a huge line up just like you would see at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka back home. I checked out the menu quickly and saw noodles and got really excited cause I thought I found […]