Chinese food in Vancouver

Li Garden Dim Sum

Last weekend my friends and I went to Li Garden for some Sunday brunch. Like every other Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum during the day, it was really busy, but I didn’t end up waiting for too long for a table.

Tea Work Taiwanese

Once in a while this question always comes up at midnight: where can we get food? Tea Work is a spot I discover recently that conveniently opens til 2am daily. I was there for a very late dinner, and the fact that this was a Taiwanese restaurant, I was more interested in getting little dishes […]

Sha Lin Noodle House

Last week I went to Sha Lin Noodle House for lunch. I wanted to go there because I wanted to get those pan fried dumplings my friends have been talking about. Actually, I’ve had them once, years ago, but I don’t remember how they tasted like. And when I got there for lunch, I looked […]

Goldfish in Yaletown Asian Fusion

I’ve known about Goldfish Pacific Kitchen as it has been in the Taste of Yaletown for the past few years. I finally got to go for my mom’s and brother’s joint birthday dinner. As we arrived we noticed that they had an engagement party completely with bunny ears. Anyway, the restaurant looks really cool and […]

Tsui Hang Village

Last Saturday was one of the funnest/randomest nights I’ve had in a very long time. Our last stop that night was the Tsui Hang Village. We arrived there at about 2:30 AM and greeted by the host at the front. This place seemed to be the place to go after a night of clubbing. Most […]

Hon’s Wun Tun House Chinatown

I’ve been to Hon’s numerous times, but never the one at Chinatown. Last week, I finally got the chance to go there for a friend’s send-away dinner.

Congee Noodle House

If you want or wonder about Chinese comfort food, Congee Noodle House can offer you that. I used to come here a lot after a long day or night of studying, and it has since been one of my favorite places to get congee.

Beefy Beef Noodles

Last week I went to Beefy Beef Noodles for lunch. I’ve never been here before, but the name in both English and Chinese sounded really familiar to me for some reason.