New Westminster

Restaurants in New Westminster, BC

Thai New West, New Westminster

Thai New West is a cozy little place in New West with delicious authentic food! For every entree dish, you can choose spice level from 1 to 5 – we went with a level 2 with every dish to stay on the mild side. The satay chicken was actually very juicy, and pairing it with […]

Angelina’s, New Westminster

Sunday morning I was craving some pancakes again, but instead of going to ihop, I decided to travel to New Westminster and try out Angelina’s. This breakfast and lunch joint has lots of traditional breakfasts as well as pannekoeks. I can get traditional breakfasts anywhere, but not pannekoeks besides DeDutch, or Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe […]

The Hide Out Cafe, New Westminster

I first heard about The Hide Out Cafe from Board Game Warriors in New West. I decided to check it out for lunch this past weekend. I ordered a strawberry milkshake and the lunch special. It took awhile for them to prepare the milkshake. But when it finally arrived, it was very delicious. It wasn’t […]

Big Star Sandwich Company, New Westminster

Big Star Sandwich Company is a newish sandwich shop in New Westminster. The menu here is simple, only about 12 sandwiches on  the chalk board, each comes in 2 sizes, full or half. I ordered 2 of those sandwiches for my late lunch. First sandwich I tried was the #2 – turkey with avocado, bacon, […]

Burger Heaven

After a day of snowboarding at cypress mountain, we were looking forward to having a late lunch at Burger Heaven in New Westminster.  At 2pm on a Saturday the small burger restaurant was packed to our surprise.  We needed to wait 20 minutes for a table for 3, so we decided to get take out instead.

Sushi Zone

Sushi Zone is an interesting sushi restaurant in downtown New Westminster next to the sky train station. The location seems to be really convenient for local students to stop by for a quick bite. Therefore, one of the first things I noticed is the reasonable pricing of the menu.

Old Bavaria Haus

For MePlusFood’s 3rd birthday dinner, we invited a few friends to the Old Bavaria Haus in New Westminster. This was before I went on a trip to Europe, so we picked this place to sort of get a warm up of what we’re going to eat in Germany & Vienna.

Aldo’s Pasta Bar

I had a strong craving for pasta the other day and made spontaneous decision to checkout Aldo’s Pasta Bar in New Westminster.

Victoria Sushi

I decided to try a new sushi place in New Westminster. I found this place on urbanspoon and invited Beipas. However, either of us have heard of Victoria Sushi before. It is probably because the restaurant is pretty secluded and does not receive a lot of drive-by exposure. It is also quite far away from […]

Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery

Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery is a bakery shop in New Westminster, making all kinds of gluten-free products. We sampled quite a few things such as: Raspberry Cupcake, Vanilla cupcake, Peanut butter brownie bar, cinnamon buns and a cappucino bar. 

Indian Star Restaurant & Sweets

Indian Star is an Indian restaurant on New Westminster’s 6th avenue. At around 6pm we were the only customers in the restaurant. A couple people came in for dinner after us, but most of their business are take outs as quite a few people came by to pick up their food.

Kojima Sushi

Kojima Sushi is a new restaurant that opened recently in New Westminster where King Sushi used to be. The restaurant kept the same interior decorations but really vamped up the exterior.