Restaurants in Coquitlam, BC

Won Jo Korean Noodle House, Coquitlam

I’m not sure how I ended up in Coquitlam, but it was lunch time and I was at Won Jo Korean Noodle House, a small Korean restaurant my friends recommended. There are a lot of different types of Korean food here, from noodles, to Korean BBQ. The menu does take quite a bit of time to […]

My Greek Taverna, Coquitlam

Friday night just before picking up a few things from Ikea, I had dinner at the very busy My Greek Taverna in Coquitlam. Friday nights are probably one of their busiest nights, but we were able to get seated within 10minutes without a reservation. Service here is really efficient, within 10 minutes of placing our […]

Sushi K Kamizato

My friend and I have been wanting to try a new Japanese place for a while. Sushi K Kamizato turned out to be a small, cozy and authentic Japanese restaurant. The first page of the menu included a short biography of the head chef and his cooking background. I guess that set me up with a […]

Good Friends

This weekend we had some really tasty Korean food at Good Friends in Coquitlam. Starving and in a hurry for lunch, my friends and I ordered Rice cake with Ramen, Soft Tofu Soup, Bibimbap, and Seafood Pancake.

Big River Restaurant

Big River Restaurant is located right beside Silvercity Coquitlam and is attached to a bowling alley. Before watching the Dark Knight Rises, we decided to have dinner here first.

The Burrard Public House

I was at The Burrard Public House with my friends during our dinner break on board games day. Because we hadn’t eaten since breakfast at Cora, we arrived at the pub at 5pm-ish, and not too surprisingly, the pub was quite empty at this time.

Cora Breakfast & Lunch

On Easter Sunday, a few friends and visited Cora Breakfast & Lunch for breakfast to start our board games day off. This restaurant was a lot bigger than I expected. Walking I immediately saw a big fruit bar right by the door. Every item on the menu had either some fresh fruit or lots of fresh fruit, totally […]


Another sit-down Filipino restaurant. I’m glad they are around. I enjoy them way more than the restaurants with pre-made food sitting over a warming bath. This place makes food to order (with some dishes like the Paella requiring at least 2 hours notice). I’ve heard some good things about Kulinarya from my friends, so I […]

The House of Tofu Soup

This blog doesn’t have enough reviews of Korean food, and I’m not sure why that is. For the record, I love Korean food and I have been seriously craving for Ddeokbokki for a while. I’m not sure why they are so hard to find in restaurants. Rice cake in spicy korean sauce is an easy […]

White Spot on Lougheed

Before rock climbing in Coquitlam, we wanted to try out Jimmy’s Place for brunch, but sadly it was closed on Sunday. So we decided on settling for the White Spot near by because we couldn’t think of anything else. It seemed like the place was pretty busy because there were a ton of cars there. […]

Kefi Greek Kouzina

Making more use of my Entertainment Book, and finally taking my friend’s advice (after over a year), I made my way out to Kefi in Coquitlam. I didn’t want to go to far because I only had an hour and a half to eat and make it back home to watch the Canucks game. I […]

Joey Coquitlam

Although not the first choice of the day, my friend wanted to try out Joey’s, and luckily I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now too. I’m a bit confused though, did Joey Tomato’s turn into just Joey, and open up a bunch more locations? I know the Coquitlam location used to be […]