Restaurants in Burnaby

Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant, Burnaby

It’s been so long since I’ve had a dim sum brunch. This time instead of going to my usual spot at New Starlet, I went to try Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant just a few blocks down. The restaurant was pretty nice, and I think they have slightly more selections than New Starlet. We ordered the […]

Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant, Burnaby

I recently went to Jin Jiang Shanghai Restaurant for a family birthday dinner. It was pretty busy and the parking lot was packed. We were actually given less seats for our reservation and we had to stuff 14 people around a table.

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

It’s been a while since I’ve had Korean food, so this weekend, I called up a couple friends to have lunch at Hanwoori Korean Restaurant with me. Upon arriving the restaurant, I realized I have been here once before when I was a kid. We had Korean BBQ here, and it was quite good for my first […]

Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery

Friday night, I was craving ice cream, and came to Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery for some real ice cream sundae. The tiny shop has something for everyone with lot of ice cream, sundae, and soda selections, but seating wise, not so much.

So Crab So Good

Located on Hastings Street in Burnaby, So Crab So Good is a small seafood restaurant with big Asian flavours. There isn’t much in terms of decor at this restaurant. It was plain and simple, sort of a family restaurant.

Kamamarui Ramen & Sushi

Sunshine and chilly autumn air is the perfect combo for a good bowl of ramen. Not wanting to go as far as downtown for Santouka, I decided to try out Kamamarui Ramen & Sushi that had just opened not too long ago in Burnaby.

Boiling Point, Burnaby

I’ve been to the Boiling Point once before at their original location in LA, and remembered it being pretty good. So when I was craving some Taiwanese food, I stopped by their new Burnaby location for lunch.

Pearl Hot Pot

A few weeks ago, I took my friends to Pearl Hot Pot for their first time. I have always enjoyed my meals at this restaurant. I love the idea of having your own personal hot pot where you can customize the items that you want, cook anything to your liking, and not having to share […]

New Starlet Seafood Restaurant

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good dim sum experience. This weekend I visited the very busy New Starlet Seafood Restaurant for brunch with a couple friends, and I was thoroughly impressed with everything except for the long wait time.

Pearl House Restaurant

I have been to the Pearl House Restaurant a few times but never reviewed it until now. In our most recent visit, we decided to do take out. We ordered: Honey Milk Tea with Pearls, Assam Tea with Pearls, Spicy Tofu & Minced Pork with Rice, Deep Fried Chicken on Rice, and Hot Tofu Dessert […]

Potter’s Garden Korean BBQ

I’ve been on a roll for Korean restaurants lately. My latest Korean dinner was at Potter’s Garden Korean BBQ in Burnaby. Although it was a BBQ restaurant, I didn’t order anything BBQ simply because all the BBQ dishes require minimal of 2 orders. I got 3 different dishes instead.

The Boss Restaurant

The Boss Restaurant has been around for a long time. Located inside Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, it was an ideal place to go for a quick break from shopping and grab a bite to eat.