The Philippines

Restaurants in the Philippines

Green ATS Bulalohan in Tagaytay

We found Green ATS  Bulalohan on the way to the casino. Another restaurant with a great view of the Taal Volcano, and supposedly really good bulalo. The restaurant is mostly outdoors, but covered. We asked for a seat right by the edge so that we could have a great view of the volcano. It was […]

RSM Lutong Bahay in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a city pretty similar to Vancouver. It’s kind of gloomy, and windy with lots of rain.It’s a place that many people said I’d feel right at home at. Driving through Tagaytay you’ll notice that they are well known for Bulalo. A type of beef soup with a big bone filled with bone marrow. […]

Mang Inasal in Tagaytay

Yup another Fast Food chain in the Philippines. You can see that they are quite big on that. On our way back to Tagaytay we stopped by Mang Inasal for breakfast. Everything was pretty cheap at about $2 or less for the meals and menu items. They specialize on BBQ items.

Jolibee in Cebu

Jolibee is the well-known fast food chain from the Philippines, and it has even expanded to the US. This was surprisingly my first time having it, because it’s basically a must try in the Philippines just because it’s that popular. Honestly, nothing really special about it though.

Palermo at Plantation Bay

Our last dinner at Plantation Bay Resort was at their Italian themed restaurant called Palermo. Walking in, it was a much classier restaurant than the others. There was even a live two-person band playing and singing songs that my parents would sing when I grew up. My parents, aunt and uncle really enjoyed it and […]

Kilimanjaro Kafe at Plantation Bay

Kilimanjaro Kafe is another one of the restaurants located in Plantation Bay. It oversees the salt water man made lagoon that spans pretty much the entire resort. They have a breakfast buffet which changes daily, as well as an a la carte menu. We visited Kilimanjaro Kafe for a late dinner on our first night.

Savannah Grill at Plantation Bay

We stayed at the Plantation Bay Resort about 30 minutes from Cebu. One of the things they advertise is that their Savannah Grill has the best burger in the world. Was it? Not even close. Was it the best $10 burger I’ve had, sadly no too. 5-star flair? Where? With burgers and hotdog? I think they really […]

CnT Lechon

Cebu is known for its Lechon. When I asked around about what to do in Cebu, they automatically said get Cebu Lechon. We got some lechon at the airport, but at noon, everything was sold out, and we were stuck with the head. We asked our taxi guide, where the best lechon is and he […]

Zuni, Philippines

I wanted a fancy-ish place to try in the Philippines, so while walking around Greenbelt, we finally decided on Zuni.

Caffe Ti-amo, Philippines

While waiting for my cousin at Greenbelt in Makati, we decided to rest a bit and hang out at Caffe Ti Amo and have some coffee. My friends were fond of this place, so we got some frozen coffees and some ice cream.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in Boracay, Philippines

After another long day of SCUBA Diving, my uncle wanted to visit Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. It’s been a long time since his last visit, but it’s somewhere he and my aunt always went to on dates, so he wanted to come back and reminisce.

Elements Gastrolounge, Philippines

Walking around Greenbelt, we were looking for a place to hang out for some drinks, and I just let the music lead the way. I heard some really good music from far away, so I had to find that place, and it led us to Elements. Elements Gastrolounge is a lounge/semi-club.