Evan’s Burger, Taiwan

Evan’s Burger in Taipei Taiwan was the only western restaurant I visited during my 3 week visit. This restaurant seemed really popular as we had to wait for a table of 2 for about 15 minutes just an hour before they close.

Must eats in Taiwan

I spent 2 weeks in Taiwan this June, and even then I didn’t have time to eat all the different foods Taiwan offered. So many delicacies, so many fusion foods. The below were some of my favorites from my trip.

Dan Zi Kitchen, Taiwan

Dan Zi Kitchen in Taipei is a restaurant where you can get a taste of some of the Taiwanese street foods without crowd surfing in the night market. The restaurant has made a southern Taiwanese delicacy, Danzai noodles, as their specialty.

Chamonix Teppanyaki, Taiwan

Teppanyaki is really popular in Taiwan now. I’ve been to 2 on my visit, one of them was a more affordable and ordinary $10 Teppanyaki with self served rice, soup and drinks. The second one was Chamonix Teppanyaki, a chained mid-upscale Teppanyaki restaurant.

A380 Sky Kitchen, Taiwan

On my last week in Taiwan, my cousins brought me to Sky Kitchen in Taipei for a dinner together. This was a restaurant my cousin wanted to try, and I vaguely remembered that this place might have been featured on World’s Weirdest Restaurants on food network.

Novotel Hotel Buffet, Taiwan

The Novotel Hotel Buffet is located right at the Taoyuan international airport in the China Airlines building. This is a place to grab a bite to eat when you have a short stop over in Taipei.

Cha for Tea, Taiwan

Cha for tea is a chained tea company and restaurant in Taiwan. Most of their meals are light, and paired with or used tea as one of their ingredients.