15 minute meals

Jamie Oliver’s Chorizo & Squid and Couscous Salad

This weekend I wanted to have a light meal because of this heat wave, so I picked the Chorizo & Squid and couscous salad recipe from the 15 minute meals cook book. It’s been a while since I cooked anything from the book, I really forgot how easy these recipes are. There’s not much to do for this recipe. […]

Incredibly Delicious Chicken Salad

Having way too much greasy food lately, I really wanted to make a light but delicious meal for dinner. Luckily the 15 minute meals cookbook has just the recipe for that.

Spicy Cajun Chicken, Smashed Sweet Potato & Fresh Corn Salsa

I’m so glad to be back at making 15 minute meals for dinner again. They not only save me tons of money from eating out, they’re also always delicious. This time I tried the Spicy Cajun Chicken, Smashed Sweet Potato & Fresh Corn Salsa recipe from Jamie Oliver’s cook book.

Golden chicken, braised greens & potato gratin

It’s been a while since I flipped through Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals book and use one of the recipes to make a meal. I had a pretty relaxing weekend, so I followed the instructions and made a Golden chicken, braised greens & potato gratin dinner.

Spinach Feta Filo Parcels & Modern Greek Salad

My uncle is in town visiting, and he is a vegetarian. Cooking for vegetarians is always tricky, but I found this non-boring Spinach Feta Filo Parcels & Modern Greek Salad recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals cookbook, and ended up having a great meal. 

Jamie Oliver’s Crispy Parm Pork

This is the first pork recipe I tried from the 15 minute meals cookbook. This crispy parm pork with minted courgettes (zucchinis) & brown rice is one of the 8 pork recipes in this book.

Jamie Oliver’s Green Tea Salmon

This recipe has got to be the prettiest meal I’ve made from the 15 minute meals cookbook. The green tea salmon, coconut rice & miso greens is one of the must try recipes in this book!

Jamie Oliver’s Pesto Spaghetti & Steamed Seafood

It’s great to have a couple sweet basil plants in the summer, because that means pesto every 2 weeks! This week we tried another pesto recipe from the 15 minute meals book, and made pesto spaghetti with steamed seafood.

Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Dim Sum

It’s another 15 minute meals. This time I tried Jamie Oliver’s Chicken “Dim Sum” with coconut buns, and cucumber pickle. 

Jamie Oliver’s Sticky Kicking Chicken

My 15 minute meals book by Jamie Oliver has finally arrived in my mailbox, and with half a watermelon sitting in my fridge, my friends and I decided to make the Sticky Kicking Chicken dinner with watermelon, radish and crunchy noodle salad.